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“We can chat with people quickly rather than playing phone tag.

We usually book a demo within 10-15 minutes on a chat rather than days of going back and forth with someone.”

“Drift enables us to connect with people as it’s most relevant.

They are on our website, they are asking about pricing, they are asking about demos, and we can start talking to them while it’s most relevant.”

“I have tried live chat for the past five years and have failed four consecutive years at getting my sales team on board.

Within the first 3 weeks of implementing Drift, live chat became Segment’s 3rd-strongest source of qualified opportunities. Today, Drift is Segment’s #1 source of qualified opportunities. ”

“When our team has conversations, they are able to have more context around because the Driftbot has pulled out all these useful nuggets around the conversation.

So now we are able to jump in at the right moment and that interaction is really relevant”

“Just wanted to let you know: During our first 45 days using Drift, 30% of our leads that converted into meetings and demos originated from Drift. ”

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