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About SAP Concur

Launched in 1993, SAP Concur is the world’s leading brand for travel, expense and invoice management solutions.

The Challenge

SAP Concur had previously experimented with chat using a legacy tool, but they were left wanting more from a personalization and optimization standpoint. Lindsay Hasz, Director of Digital Experience at SAP Concur, said, “We wanted to invest in a new solution that would help our sales team drive new leads, but we also really wanted to reduce the amount of support inquiries they were receiving.”

And as a company that services millions of users globally, SAP Concur saw immense value in being able to nurture their customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. “At SAP Concur, we try to meet the prospect where they are in their buyer’s journey. Because we aren’t the customer, we’ve learned that we need to design and optimize using data, not just based on what we think should be implemented.”

The Solution

SAP Concur ultimately chose Drift as their solution of choice in 2021. Within their first year of deploying Drift, the SAP Concur team has seen incredible success — boasting an influx of new leads, increased pipeline, and improved routing efficiency.

powerful integrations

Most SaaS companies know the struggle of putting together a cohesive tech stack. With Drift in SAP Concur’s arsenal, their team can enjoy better workflow efficiency, increased productivity, and robust customer insights. “In addition to Drift, we have a whole platform of tools, mainly Adobe products, Tealium, Demandbase, and others like our CRM. And Drift was able to implement and integrate all of these, so that was a huge selling point for us,” Lindsay shared.

a more frictionless customer experience

Since adopting Drift, SAP Concur has innovated how customers experience their website. Using personalized playbooks, they can engage with customers at the right moment with the right conversation. “Our Drift playbooks really guide them through that journey. We help them figure out what solutions might be best for them. We even showcase events and add-on opportunities — so we have many options for them.”

Drift helps our users navigate the website by ensuring we can connect them to support and training in our community. In the end, this customer experience really helps with renewals and even referrals. Those things are going to really help drive to the bottom line.

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Experience at SAP Concur

The SAP Concur team can also redirect support inquiries away from their sales team, creating a better experience for customers and sales reps. “We had a lot of people who were needing support and wanting to talk to any person, so they would fill out our sales forms. Now we can use Drift tags to see which conversations are tagged as support. We actually notice that 60% of our conversations are support-related,” Lindsay shared.

building pipeline

One of SAP Concur’s most successful playbooks enables visitors to “skip the form,” and talk directly to a person. As Lindsay explained, ”We have this playbook fire on any of our high-value form pages (like Contact Us, Request a Quote, and Free Trial), and really what it says is, ‘Do you want to skip the form and talk to someone now?’ It gets them connected to sales. But most importantly, this playbook fires during the team’s off hours. Even when sales is offline, there’s a way to have prospects book a meeting with them,” Lindsay shared.

One of the most significant value drivers that Drift has is helping with our customer journey. Showcasing that we can meet visitors where they are is key.

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Experience at SAP Concur

marketing and sales alignment

Every relationship takes work — and the same rings true when it comes to sales and marketing. With Drift, SAP Concur bridges the gap between sales and marketing by employing a customer-centric, collaborative approach. “When we launch in a market, we have both sales and marketing included in that launch and going forward. We have a lot of different sales team members in Drift to handle chats that come in, and then we have the marketer helping us understand what we want the copy and content to be within the playbook. It’s the most integrated I’ve seen our sales and marketing teams be.”

partnership with professional services

Since implementation, SAP Concur has been running full steam thanks to Drift’s professional services team. “We didn’t have the extra time in addition to our normal day job, so we knew that investing in professional services was something we would need, at least initially. Our experience has been truly amazing, so much so that I compare other vendors to Drift. It’s instrumental in helping folks get up and running.”

Drift has contributed to our digital success in multiple ways. It’s helping us hit our pipeline goals, increase site engagement, engage visitors longer, and also align our sales and marketing teams.

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Experience at SAP Concur

The Results

accelerated pipeline, increased conversions

In only nine months of having Drift in their toolkit, SAP Concur has garnered excellent results, including:

attributed pipeline
highest converting channel

But their journey with Drift doesn’t end there. Lindsay shared, “We have Drift implemented on almost every page in multiple markets. We have it live in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Japan, China, and our community site — so we have expanded quite quickly. We’ve done all that within one year, and we’re getting better and better with each rollout.”

If somebody asked me if they should implement Drift, I would say, ‘Yes, hands down, it is so helpful.’ We’ve only experienced an upside with Drift. It’s become our second-highest converting call-to-action on our website, and we’ve only been live for less than a year.

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Experience at SAP Concur