Drift Bolt

Getting close to customers takes more than just words

It requires leadership, action, and a willingness to let this customer-centric philosophy guide your decision-making every single day. At Drift, we know that this kind of rigorous application of our beliefs will help us achieve our ultimate vision: become the new way businesses buy from businesses.

Which is why we recently decided to evolve our thinking into one clear document we call our Drift Leadership Principles.

Principle #1

Put the customer at the center of everything you do

You make decisions to solve our customers’ problems. Not to get short-term wins for the company, your department, or your team. And while you pay attention to what competitors are doing, you stay focused on our customers. At Drift, we’re all customer obsessed. No matter your role, put the customer at the center of your work and take time to get to know them a little bit better than you did yesterday.

Principle #2

Create a culture of respect and trust

You know that a better workplace starts with empowering teams to make their own decisions and respecting different opinions. That’s why we all work hard to maintain a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. When a problem happens, go to the person who can fix it instead of complaining about it to someone who can’t. We also celebrate each other’s (professional and personal) wins with excitement to create an environment where you can bring your true self to work, every day.

Principle #3

Practice extreme ownership

You take extreme ownership of our results, both the successes and the failures. You never point the finger or make excuses. You take it upon yourself to understand our shared mission and believe in it. You pull the right people in when you need feedback and support.  You keep your team informed, share results, and help present a solution when needed.

Principle #4

Seek feedback, not consensus

The best solution isn’t always your first one, which is why we’re big on cross-functional collaboration. You proactively seek feedback and pressure test the best ideas against diverse perspectives. If you are the directly responsible individual on an initiative, it is up to you to own the decision. You believe that leading from consensus limits creative thinking and hinders growth.

Principle #5

Push for high standards

As an industry disruptor, we’re not just setting standards, we’re also raising the bar on what can be done. That’s why you push for people’s best work — whether it’s a new feature, a new hire, or new swag — and encourage outside-the-box thinking. You are not afraid to iterate on your work until it meets your standards. Your creativity and dynamic nature allows us to lead change in the industry, while building a brand customers love. We want you to be proud of the work you do at Drift, and we’re here to help you grow as a professional.

Principle #6

Be a curious learning machine

You bring a spirit of learning to everything we do. You seek wisdom through informal and formal education, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You approach learning as both student and teacher, eager to share your discoveries with each other and our customers. You thrive on challenges and reframe problems into opportunities. We can’t stay comfortable or get stuck in our ways. Staying curious and continuously learning keeps us in motion.

Principle #7

Have a bias for action and deliver daily results

You are a creative thinker who understands that achieving the bigger picture is only possible with smaller wins. We’re in this together and we all win when we take accountability and deliver results every day. Over time, those small wins help our customers take massive leaps forward.

Principle #8

Stay scrappy

There is no entitlement here. We work like we have something to prove. We don’t always know how we’ll make something happen, but we do know we’ll figure it out. Creating the best product with optimal resources will always help our customers.  We keep pushing even when no one is watching.

Do the best work of your life at Drift