Our Four-Part Framework For Conversational Selling: How The Best Reps Build Pipeline Faster With Chat

Conversational Selling Framework

Since launching our first chat widget on drift.com almost three years ago, real-time conversations with buyers on our website have been the #1 driver of our hypergrowth. Leads that come from conversations are 2.5x more likely to become opportunities than those from any of our other lead sources. And leads from conversations convert 2X faster […]
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Always Be Learning: The Real Reason We’re Obsessed With Reading At Drift

Drift Book Club

Always be learning. That’s the mantra Drift has lived by since day one. Which is why you’ll often hear our founder, David Cancel, say “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” And he’s right. Innovate, don’t invent. Practically every business question has been answered in a book. Sometimes we get so focused on one thing that we miss […]
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Introducing Drift Single Sign-On: Increase Your Team’s Productivity While Keeping Your Data Secure

Drift SSO

On the first Tuesday of every month we typically launch a new product that helps you book more meetings, create faster pipeline or have more conversations with your buyers. But keeping your data safe is our top priority. That’s why today we’re introducing Single Sign-On, so you can increase your team’s productivity while keeping your […]
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How to Be Heard: Casey Neistat on Marketing’s New Normal

Casey Neistat

 Editor’s Note: The following transcript is from Casey Neistat’s HYPERGROWTH 2018 presentation. It has been edited and condensed for clarity. Ready for HYPERGROWTH 2019? You can preorder tickets here. In his talk at HYPERGROWTH, Casey touched on the following: The transformation that’s taken place in marketing and media over the last decade. Particularly, in order […]
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Julia Austin on the Making of a Great PM – Lessons from Harvard Business School, Digital Ocean, VMWare & Akamai

Julia Austin Build

 On this episode of #Build, board advisor and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, Julia Austin, shares her point of view on what makes a truly great product manager. How does she know? Well years of experience spent as CTO at Digital Ocean and VP of Engineering at VMWare and Akamai. Julia also opens […]
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