Conversational AI

30% more pipeline, with 30% less work. Deliver better buyer experiences without more work for your team with Drift’s patented AI and GPT-powered features.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI uses artificial intelligence to understand, process, and respond to human language in a natural and relevant way. Drift’s patented Conversational AI automates conversations, insights, and recommendations. This means website visitors can state their intent with open-text questions and find answers to their questions while being nurtured in a personalized manner. You can view the latest conversational trends and insights to optimize your go-to-market efforts accordingly. Drift has also partnered with OpenAI to augment our existing AI with GPT capabilities that accelerate B2B conversations, lead generation, and pipeline.

What is the difference between AI chatbots vs. chatbots?

Chatbots operate based on predefined scripts or decision trees. They respond to specific commands or keywords, so if a website visitor's input deviates from these predefined parameters, the chatbot might fail to provide a helpful response. AI chatbots on the other hand, can tackle complex conversations, meaning that visitors can use their own words to have a more human-like, personalized conversation. Conversational AI understands the intent behind user inputs, generates dynamic responses, and learns from each interaction to improve future responses. Learn more here.

How is Drift’s AI better?

Unlike other options in the market, Drift’s AI is trained on 100M+ B2B sales and marketing conversations, enabling more relevant, higher converting conversations and seamless context-switching for more efficient lead qualification. It’s also custom-trained for your business, quickly learning your brand's voice and responding just like your best reps. With new features powered by OpenAI, Drift is pushing the envelope on innovation to embed ChatGPT into our products so that marketers and sellers can save time and create more quality pipeline.

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When buyers can use their own words, it creates practical, 1:1 experiences based on their needs, which pays off in pipeline, shorter deal cycles, and marketing ROI.

Drift's AI chatbots see 40% more engagement than button-only chat and answer open-text questions around the clock, so you can get your buyers what they want in the 50% of conversations that happen after hours, without straining your team.

  • Conversational messages, not just buttons
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Relevant, accurate replies, even to complex questions
  • 24/7 availability


Whether you want to add sophisticated AI chatbots to your website or use a single feature like GPT Suggested Replies to save your team time, you can customize Drift’s suite of AI tools to your needs.

Our patented AI learns from your conversation history, website + content information, and brand voice, and comes trained on 100M+ B2B buying conversations to give you richer, more contextual conversations that don't just respond accurately — they drive your pipeline growth.

  • Expansive suite of AI options
  • Customized and enriched for your business
  • Richer, more contextual conversations
  • Thoughtful guardrails and control


Imagine jumpstarting your AI journey as quickly as brewing a cup of coffee. That's the reality with Drift’s Conversational AI, which comes with 60+ topics ready for use on day 1, requires no code, and can train the model 5x faster than traditional methods.

It’s made for marketers, which means less time learning data science and more time delivering valuable, lead-generating experiences for buyers.

  • Fast onboarding
  • AI model training in minutes
  • Real-time visibility into performance
  • AI support services


Q/Q increase in pipeline influenced


higher conversion rate from MQL to SQL with AI


fastest channel to convert MQL to pipeline

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI chatbots enhance website visitors’ experiences throughout the entire buying journey, while also boosting your team’s efficiency and driving business growth. In pre-sales, they respond to visitors 24/7 with personalized messages to proactively engage, qualify, and convert prospects from any page on your website. And post-sale, they serve an extension of your customer service team, empowering visitors to find answers on their own, recommending additional products and services, and deflecting low-level issues so your team can focus on high-priority issues.

Conversational AI chatbots have a variety of use cases, including:

  • Website concierge: De-anonymize website traffic to greet prospects and customers with hyper-personalized experiences, product recommendations, and conversations, 24/7.
  • Lead nurture: Serve up the right resource based on a website visitor’s company and intent to nurture them down the funnel, book more meetings, and customer lifecycle revenue.
  • Self-service: Automatically answer support inquiries by answering questions and jumpstarting actions, like resetting a customer’s password, directly from chat.
  • Performance optimization: Uncover conversation trends, topics, and insights all in one place to continually improve your marketing and sales efforts.

The best AI chatbots are relevant, accurate, highly personalized, and maintain context in conversations. They support multiple languages, prioritize data security, scale as your business evolves, and integrate seamlessly with your tech stack for a connected customer experience. Finally, these chatbots provide analytics and transparency to improve your model over time and surface insights that make your business better.

Drift is fully committed to protecting our customer’s data. With DriftxGPT features, we mask PII from being sent to OpenAI and have a contractual agreement that OpenAI cannot store any conversation data from Drift. In addition, we offer context-based prompting and have guardrails to safeguard against hallucination and keep customers in control. Finally, we use OpenAI’s moderation API, which works to prevent GPT output from violating OpenAI’s usage policy.

We reinforce these policies with our philosophy of keeping humans in the loop, so they’re able to review copy before it goes out, and we scrub sensitive personal information before sending data to OpenAI. You can see our full security and privacy protocols here.

The core difference between Drift x GPT and ChatGPT or other generative AI offerings is that Drift’s application of GPT is trained and tailored to each customers’ specific business (products, tone of voice, brand, etc.) and then embedded into their existing workflow. Other generative AI integrations are not specifically trained for a unique business, require more legwork to stand-up, and aren’t targeted to high-traffic use cases, like on a website. Finally, data privacy and security are core to how we built our integration with GPT and these precautions provide an additional layer of protection to customers.

AI chatbots can help businesses big and small build more efficient workflows without draining their team or budget. Drift’s AI supports a range of industries and business functions, including:

  • Financial Services: Greet website visitors, get them the resources they need, book meetings, and turn self-service browsing into revenue opportunities.
  • Manufacturing: Share materials, direct traffic to the right product pages, answer questions, fast-track target accounts, and convert qualified buyers to leads.
  • Professional Services: Provide personalized, timely conversations that boost client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Technology: Start conversations with the right leads and nurture them with the right content at the right time in the right place that drives pipeline and revenue much faster than traditional models.

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