Build a bigger sales pipeline.

Drift helps your team generate more leads and book meetings faster using messaging.

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Start generating more leads and closing deals faster with messaging.

Drift is a sales communication platform that helps businesses generate more leads and close deals faster using messaging. Nine out of ten consumers want to be able to use messaging to talk to businesses today, and when you have a website experience that matches, you won’t just get happier visitors — you’ll get more leads and you’ll close more deals.

Drift For Sales Teams

Bring the power of Drift to your entire sales team. Whether you have 5 sales reps or 500, we can help your team build a bigger pipeline.


Your Intelligent Sales Assistant

With Drift, your sales team won’t have to worry about wasting time answering support questions or dealing with unqualified leads. It’s easy to set up Drift with your sales scripts and qualifying questions so your reps only spend time working the best leads.


A Perfect Fit With Your Existing Workflow

We don’t want to change the way you work — we just want to be a part of it. That’s why we integrate with the tools you’re already using every day, like Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.


All Of Your Data Inside And Out

Data helps your sales team close more deals, so we’ve made it dead simple to get your customer data in and out of Drift, whether you want to get data from Segment into Drift, or from Drift into Salesforce.


Built To Help You Close More Deals

Drift uses artificial intelligence to route leads to your sales team. So whether your team uses territories, account-based marketing, or you just want a round robin, new leads will always get assigned to the right rep.

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