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Talk to people
on your website.

Talk to website visitors right from Slack
(and more)

With Drift, you can talk to your website visitors in real-time without ever having to leave Slack. Whether someone has a question about pricing or a certain feature, with Drift you'll always be able to help in seconds.

Browser Targeting

Easily target your messages so you can make sure they get shown to the right person, in the right place, at exactly the right time.

Capture Email Addresses

Get email addresses right inside of live chat so you can follow up and keep the conversation going. Perfect for when someone leaves your site -- and for the night shift.


Talk to people
using your product.

In-App Messages

Your emails are great, but what about the 80% of people who never open them? With Drift, you'll be able to reach them with in-app messages that are easy to setup, target, and edit.

In-App Surveys

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Get actionable feedback that will help your business create products your customers love -- and make sure you always have a pulse on how you're doing.

Send Targeted Emails

Combine email with your in-app messages to so your customers never miss an important announcement.

The product is extremely intuitive to use and has allowed every member of our company to interact with users with ease.
Justin Mulvaney Customer Experience Lead · Crystal

Connect Drift
with what you already use.

Drift connects to all of the tools that you already use today like HubSpot, WordPress, Slack, Segment, Zapier and more. Not only does that make Drift easy to set up, but it means you can seamlessly integrate Drift into the ways you already work.

The buyer-seller relationship has been turned upside down. Buyers are in control now, not sales reps. Your business needs to be able to match this new buying process, and Drift makes it really easy for you to do so.
Mark Roberge Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

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Live chat with prospects on your site.

Connect in real-time with your favorite apps.

Notify and survey users in your app (web+native).

Use Drift in 12 languages, customize Drift to match your brand’s look and feel and more.

We implemented Drift on our website a few months ago and it's not only been a good source of leads, it's just generally allowed us to take a more human to human approach vs. a business to business approach. Sitting on the bus during my morning commute and chatting with someone who is visiting our website is super refreshing and helps me make an immediate 1-to-1 connection with the visitor.
Dustin Tysick Digital Marketing Manager, Jostle

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