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Not meeting your customers’ expectations? They’ll find a competitor that will. According to Zendesk, customer service can make or break a business…

of customers will switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience
of customers say good customer service is key to their continued loyalty

We use Drift to provide differentiated experiences for both customers and prospects. Current customers want to reach out to us to create a support ticket, and we didn’t want to misdirect them to our sales team.
We realized we could give them options: we can lead with support resources, but also leave the door open for up-sell conversations with sales too.

Dan Ahmadi

VP of International Marketing & Demand Generation at Branch

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Support Your Support Teams

Automatically deflect simple support questions from your service team, so they can focus on your highest priority customers. Drift connects to your knowledge base and tech stack to give customers immediate answers, 24/7.

Having a unified tool for sales, marketing, and service was definitely important for us. It’s the same website. People are going from page to page, so separating that out into two different tools was really not something we even considered. It was an easy step to work within the same platform.

Katelyn Price

Manager, Lifecycle and Customer Marketing, 1Password

see Your CSAT Grow

Give customers the positive and immediate support experience they’re looking for. With Drift, customers can find answers on their own, automatically create support tickets, and connect to live service reps.

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Get a 360 View on Customers

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer – from who they are to their relationship with you – to serve them quickly and in a personalized way.

Conversational Service

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Technology works better when it works together. With 50+ native integrations and a Zapier connection to over 500+ apps, we’ll fit right in.

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