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The Challenge: A Convoluted Path for Buyers Leads to Missed Opportunities

New Hampshire-based Bottomline Technologies services thousands of customers around the world solving the complexity of financial transactions by offering a broad array of innovative payments, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance solutions. For the average website visitor or potential customer, navigating across the website and across the different offerings was challenging. Buyers and customers that landed on the website weren’t always finding exactly what they were looking for and would end up on a convoluted journey and often become missed opportunities.

We quickly realized it was a struggle for our visitors to get the information they were seeking on our website, and it was obvious we needed to revamp the complexity of our user journeys.

Sean Howe

Digital Strategist at Bottomline Technologies

This is not uncommon for a company of Bottomline’s scale – with 37 different products and more than 10,000 customers, Bottomline’s website attracts people from every corner of the world.

In an effort to solve this seemingly complex problem, Bottomline’s Digital Marketing team researched potential solutions that would deliver a more direct and relevant user journey, and ultimately create a more seamless web experience for current and potential customers.

Bottomline selected Drift as a partner to help them better engage website visitors in real-time while also providing a better experience overall.

The Solution: Delivering More Relevant and Personalized Information to Buyers Immediately

The team set out to do exactly what the customer needed – deliver an experience that would drive more relevant information and conversations in a personalized and immediate fashion when the buyer showed the highest intent. And it paid off.

Since going live with Drift, Bottomline has seen measured success in the improvement of user navigation. Not only do site visitors get to where they need to go in a more direct and logical manner, but they also experience a shorter response time (from days to seconds) when asking a question over chat. All the while the new approach and implementation of the Drift platform has generated more than $4.3 million in additional bookings over the past 18 months.

Getting to Buyers Immediately to Accelerate Conversations

The Bottomline team knew they needed to make improvements to the customer journey on the website. But web improvements can take time and Bottomline wanted a solution that would quickly enhance the experience of their website visitors.

The team realized that with a chatbot on the company website they could greet web visitors, understand what they were looking for and recommend the next step in seconds. The chatbot could also introduce salespeople, book meetings and direct customers to support if needed.

Making it easy and helpful when engaging with Bottomline is one of our guideposts in our sales and marketing efforts and Drift helps us accelerate those meaningful conversations much earlier in the process.

Christine Nurnberger

Chief Marketing Officer at Bottomline

When Bottomline went live with Drift, the team implemented a few basic chatbots to help engage visitors, but didn’t know what to expect. As they became more familiar with the possibilities, Bottomline’s digital team soon realized they had uncovered something more that would revolutionize the visitor experience.

Doubling Down on Drift – Bottomline’s “Big Opportunity”

“After we went live with Drift on our website, we realized there was an even bigger opportunity,” said Howe. “We felt like we had barely dipped into Drift’s potential when we got started. We introduced Drift originally with fairly basic playbooks, a chatbot, and we immediately began to see a huge spike in conversations.”

With such positive initial results, Bottomline knew they needed to invest further. Howe recalls:

We built out new playbooks, languages, and experimented with our approach. Throughout it all, we felt extremely supported with a true martech partner with Drift.

Sean Howe

Digital Strategist at Bottomline Technologies

Before long, Drift leads became the sales teams’ preferred lead source.

The MQL is Dead.

Conversations are transforming the Marketing Funnel.

The Results: Qualified Buyers, a Shorter Buying Cycle, and $4.3M in Sales Pipeline

A Completely Different Customer Experience

Drift provides Bottomline a better way to engage with prospective and current customers. Conversational Marketing powered by Drift provides a more accessible, intuitive, and responsive experience that is shaped by the buyer’s needs and interests rather than any particular sales agenda.

Bottomline buyers clearly appreciate the changes too. Since going live with Drift, Bottomline has seen:

  1. More than $4.3M in sales pipeline generated by Drift, with another $8M influenced by Drift
  2. 5,500 conversations over the course of the year
  3. Shortened average response time to leads down to 40 seconds

A More Efficient and Effective Sales and Marketing Partnership

Creating success with Drift requires a strong partnership between marketing and sales. Improving the customer and user experience not only opened the doors for opportunities and revenue, but it helped to make the telemarketing team’s job that much more efficient.

“Our telemarketing team is always much more excited to get a Drift conversation than they were to reach out to somebody on the phone,” explained Howe. “And it makes sense. Drift leads are ready to talk now and when sales reps suddenly start getting a new source of leads that want to talk to them immediately, it’s a win-win for sales.”

Bottomline continues to build a stronger partnership between the sales and marketing teams via Drift by delivering leads the sales team love.

Rather than waiting hours or days to respond to inquiries that might come through on a form, our sales team was averaging about 40 seconds to answer a visitor’s question. It’s what can really set us apart when someone is researching our products and solutions and they end up in a conversation with a person vs browsing a list of features and benefits.

Sean Howe

Digital Strategist at Bottomline Technologies

Ultimately, that new path for buyers delivers on the competitive advantage and customer experience Bottomline sought out to achieve.

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