Drift Conversational Sales

Using a buyer-obsessed approach, Drift enables sellers to jumpstart conversations, build quality pipeline, and increase sales velocity using real-time insights and omni-channel communications.


Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) for enterprises with Drift. Here’s what they found:

avg increase in sales rep efficiency
avg increase in win rate
increase in AOV
avg increase in sales velocity
return on investment

Drift has helped my sales team be more efficient by giving them the insights and channels they need to connect with prospects at their highest intent. We’ve built nearly $40M in Drift-influenced pipeline since implementing the software, and our salespeople couldn’t be happier using Drift.

Tana McDermott

Vice President, Revenue Operations at Workiva

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Prioritize the Right Work

Real-time notifications and AI-powered insights give you visibility into buyer intent based on which web pages and sales touch points

they engage with — in one place. That way, you know who you should be targeting and with what message at all times.


Chat is the cornerstone of what we do — but it’s not all we do. You can also create hyper-personalized videos, emails, and

messages at every stage of the customer journey to build better relationships and trust and win bigger deals, faster.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Get an alert the second a high-value account is on your website, or use Live View to see who’s on your website to connect in real time.

Drift lets you filter by account, geography, and web page to focus on the accounts you care about.

The key value of Drift for me is more pipeline. And not just more pipeline, but more quality pipeline. And that’s what we see when we work with Drift.

Bill Campbell

Director of Sales Development, Amer. at Elastic


Get Drift’s practical guide to efficient and effective selling with Drift to better prioritize work, cut through the noise, and build quality pipeline.

We work well with others

Technology works better when it works together. With 50+ native integrations and a Zapier connection to over 500+ apps, we’ll fit right in.

Drift brings a prospect from top of the funnel to front of the line. Having a place where all sales and customer engagement activities are centralized provides a real-time blueprint of where our reps should be focusing their efforts and is a game changer for us.

Marc Potter

CRO at Actian Corporation

Connect With Target Accounts Faster Than Ever Before