How Trevipay Booked 135 Meetings in One Year Using Drift


meetings booked in the last year


of inbound activity from Drift

About TreviPay

TreviPay is a leading B2B payment and invoicing solution that is transforming the way merchants engage with customers worldwide. Using cutting-edge technology, their platform enables companies to streamline complex transactions, optimize cash flow, and nurture strong supplier relationships. With TreviPay, businesses can ensure the smooth functioning of their financial operations while also unlocking new avenues for growth.

The Challenge

When it came to their digital experience, TreviPay decided to implement chat with two goals in mind — they wanted to rev up their sales cycle and boost conversions on their website.

Initially, they opted to outsource their chat services with human operators, but this fell short of delivering the results they wanted. The site’s limited chat volume hindered operators from understanding TreviPay’s business and delivering the top-notch assistance their customers deserved. TreviPay knew they had to find a different solution that matched the scale of their business.

The Solution

Drift offered a streamlined approach to chat, which eliminated the need for constant human staffing. Adopting Drift meant that TreviPay could deliver personalized experiences, garner meaningful customer insights, and engage prospects at different stages of the buyer’s journey without relying solely on manual intervention.

“Our relatively low chat volume made it difficult for the outsourced operators to learn our business to provide assistance beyond what a chatbot could do — so we went back into the market and ultimately chose Drift,” said Tara DePaepe, Director of Marketing Operations at TreviPay.


For TreviPay, Drift’s professional services team has been pivotal to launching their chat strategy. Through their partnership, TreviPay has been able to expand their playbook production, maximize adoption of new Drift features, and ensure that customers are routed appropriately based on who they are and what they need.

“Our experience with professional services has been amazing. We are able to quickly deploy playbooks and our proserv consultant, Jordan, routinely reviews analytics and recommends enhancements and adjustments to playbooks accordingly. We are able to maximize our adoption of new product features in Drift because we have Jordan showing us the way,” Tara said.

One of the standout features that has captured TreviPay’s enthusiasm is reusable blocks, which allow Drift users to effortlessly duplicate playbook flows across multiple playbooks. This saves significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent on recreating each individual playbook.

Tara explained, “Reusable blocks is going to be huge for us. Without the support of professional services, deploying the sheer volume of playbooks we have would have been nearly impossible.”

The truth is, without professional services, we simply wouldn't possess the internal resources necessary to sustain such a robust strategy within the Drift platform.

Tara DePaepe

Director of Marketing Operations at TreviPay


With Drift in their toolkit, TreviPay has been able to harness powerful customer insights in order to hone their approach to engaging with prospects.

For one, by having Drift on their website, the TreviPay team has given their prospects the space to interact with them on their own terms. As Tara explained, “Drift definitely is another avenue for our prospects to tell us how they want to engage with us. Enterprise prospects just want to talk to somebody, whether in chat or via email. They don’t want to see a demo right off the bat.”

TreviPay’s playbook strategy thrives on these invaluable insights, propelling their productivity and effectiveness in delivering exceptional experiences to their visitors. With expert guidance from Drift’s professional services team, TreviPay has successfully crafted 37 playbooks to date, each strategically grounded in firmographic data, target account status, and visitor origins.

“As we continue to refine playbooks, we are also getting more particular about what qualifies as a lead, so we are sifting out bad fits. There are prospects who would definitely prefer to chat before committing to a form fill, so we are able to engage with these prospects. Without Drift, they would likely remain in the research phase longer,” Tara said.

Now that TreviPay is equipped with Drift, their team is confident that they have what they need to understand their prospects’ preferences, optimize engagements, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

As we delve deeper into Drift, we discover countless ways to leverage its capabilities and achieve a remarkable return on investment, and mind you, we don’t even have dedicated customer support.

Tara DePaepe

Director of Marketing Operations at TreviPay

The Results

Since deploying Drift, TreviPay has seen fantastic results, including:

meetings booked in the last year
of inbound activity from Drift

As for what’s next for TreviPay, the company has set its sights on rising above the competition with their digital experience and becoming the leader in B2B payments. As they move forward with Drift, they plan on continuously iterating on their Drift playbooks, so they can refine and improve their approach to the chat experience.

“Our goal is to up our game in managing target accounts and being alert when they pop up on our site. The Teams integration looks like it’ll help us with exactly that. To get the best ROI from Drift and their professional services, we plan on using as much of the platform as we can. That means going all-in, including making the most of Drift’s new Prospector dashboard,” Tara said.