Leadership photos

Here you’ll find high-resolution photos of our fearless leadership team for articles, speaking opps, or general inspiration.

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Our people and team

At Drift, we only use real faces, real people. We never use stock photos. Instead, we use our customers and Drifters.

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The Drift Logo can be used in black or white. The logo is always black or white please don’t use any color in the logo. Always leave plenty of space around the logo and please don’t alter the Drift logo in any way. Use the full logo as big as you want, but no smaller than 40px. Please contact us at marketing@drift.com for any questions.

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Drift Brand Guidelines

Our brand is everything at Drift. This is the whole shebang. This is what we share with new Drifters so if they need to know the down in the weeds details of something they can find it. But at Drift we see the guidlines as more of a “cookbook” we try to constantly innovate, but this helps keep us grounded.


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