How RollWorks Drives 3x More Qualified Meetings with Drift Than Traditional Forms


more meetings booked via Drift than forms


generated in pipeline at one live event


source of pipeline

About RollWorks

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Powered by proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks’ solutions address the needs of organizations large and small — from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration.

The Challenge

RollWorks began searching for a solution that would enable personalized, real-time interactions with website visitors, improve their lead generation and routing processes, and enhance their overall website experience.

According to Misaa Becker, Digital Marketing Manager at RollWorks, “During our evaluation process, we considered other Conversational Marketing platforms. Ultimately, we chose Drift because of its robust features, intuitive interface, integrations, and focus on Conversational Marketing and Sales enablement. Drift’s chatbot capabilities and integration with our existing tech stack made it the ideal choice for us.”

The Solution

In 2018, RollWorks went live with Drift. And since then, Misaa’s team has found Drift invaluable in providing a personalized and engaging experience to their website visitors. “Drift plays a crucial role in this strategy by enabling real-time conversations and lead qualification,” Misaa said. “Drift helps us engage with prospects, answer their questions, and guide them through the buyer’s journey, ultimately driving conversions and revenue growth.”

RollWorks’ ability to customize Drift means that website visitors are always met with a playbook that feels personal to their needs, intent, and buyer journey.

When we get someone to our site, we rely on Drift to help us keep them there.

Misaa Becker

Digital Marketing Manager at RollWorks

RollWorks works closely with Drift service partner, Digital Reach Agency (DRA), a B2B marketing agency that helps businesses grow their pipeline through demand generation. “I love DRA’s execution with excellence,” Misaa said. “The team is really familiar with Drift’s backend and it’s nice knowing that when something is built, it’s built correctly. They’re super proactive in coming up with new ideas and they collaborate quite a bit with the Drift team. Between DRA and our Drift Customer Success Manager, they always come aligned to meetings and make recommendations on what we should explore next.”


And the alignment doesn’t end there. The marketing side of the house handles the copy, routing, and question flow, DRA builds the playbook, and the RollWorks sales team actually jumps in to chat with the site visitors.

“We have amazing alignment with our sales team,” Misaa explained. “It’s me and my sales counterpart on all Drift status calls. Nothing is done without the two of us discussing priorities. I really like that it’s such a shared function and it meets the needs of both teams.”


RollWorks has found that, because Drift’s chatbots are able to automatically book meetings on their team’s calendars, leads generated through Drift funnel to sales much more quickly than a traditional form fill.

“On the website, Drift is one of our best features for delivering meetings to the sales team. Through a lot of interaction, we’ve gotten it to the point where it’s removed friction in terms of the questions asked, when the bot should appear, and the introduction. It’s working really well for us. The meeting gets booked so quickly so all the back-and-forth disappears.”


With the RollWorks and Drift integration, it’s easier than ever for RollWorks to create tailored experiences that align sales and marketing activities. The integration enables them to identify and engage website visitors with a personalized chat experience that delivers relevant, targeted messaging based on firmographic and account-level data. Ultimately, this integration helps qualify leads, uncover new opportunities, and improve pipeline quality faster by instantly asking relevant questions and routing site visitors to the right sales team. “It blows my mind that we’re working remotely and we can still identify where a website visitor works,” Misaa said.

The Drift + RollWorks partnership addresses the desire of marketers to gain enhanced insights into their anonymous website traffic. The objective is to craft a more customized experience for visiting accounts. It empowers marketers with an understanding of account and contact engagement activity, enabling them to deliver highly personalized and relevant outreach to their sales teams.

Misaa Becker

Digital Marketing Manager at RollWorks

And the conversations themselves are providing valuable insights for the RollWorks team that ultimately help convert buyers. “The conversational nature of Drift allows us to understand prospects’ needs better and provide personalized solutions, leading to faster conversion,” Misaa said.


Since they started using Drift, RollWorks has found some unique ways to leverage their chatbot conversations. Among their most successful playbooks to date is the strategy they used at Hubspot’s INBOUND conference through Drift’s mobile app.

“We stretched Drift to the outer limits and empowered our reps to book meetings on-site,” said Jodi Cerretani, VP of Marketing at RollWorks. This was because, with a large lounge instead of a booth, RollWorks knew that handing out business cards and hoping that the prospect would follow up just wasn’t a viable strategy. So instead, the team enabled all 25 on-site reps to book meetings on their phone via the Drift app, no matter where they were in the convention center.

While this approach required someone to re-assign meeting ownership after the show, it was a seamless experience for people who booked meetings on-site. “We didn’t have to chase people,” Jodi said. “We didn’t get caught in the noise of all the other vendors.”

We blew away our KPIs at INBOUND. We wanted 100 meetings across 25 reps which felt aggressive, but they blew it out of the water. Instead, we saw 212 meetings and achieved a 3x ROI on our investment.

Jodi Cerretani

VP of Marketing at RollWorks

The Results

Rollworks’ biggest goal with Drift had always been to get more visitors to book an appointment with a sales expert. Still, even on low-intent pages, they wanted to increase engagement and enhance the user’s overall experience.

With Drift, RollWorks achieved these goals, while also driving some key results:

more meetings booked via Drift than forms
generated in pipeline at one live event
source of pipeline

Drift has significantly impacted our digital success and internal alignment between sales and marketing. It has helped us increase engagement, qualify leads more effectively, and deliver a personalized experience. As a result, we have observed improvements in not only the number of leads but lead conversion rate on the website. It’s a great tool where marketing and sales teams can both benefit.

Misaa Becker

Digital Marketing Manager at RollWorks

The Future

RollWorks is constantly looking for ways to improve their digital marketing efforts and enhance their buyer and customer experience — and Drift will continue to be a driving force behind those developments. According to Misaa, “In the future, we will continue to run messaging tests across different landing pages to better connect with the user and hopefully solve their business problem/need and look into AI-driven personalization to deliver even more targeted and impactful conversational experiences.”