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Discover how we turn Drift into a revenue machine in this exclusive book bundle. As part of this bundle, you’ll get free access to templates and guides, including:

  • The Go-To-Market Guide to Drift: Learn the ins-and-outs of the Drift platform, plus our proven go-to-market strategies for marketing, sales, customer, and ops teams.
  • Drift Selling Secrets: Dive into how our sales team uses Drift to grow value across the entire customer lifecycle.
  • The Conversational Marketing Blueprint: See how to scale your engagement online and grow your marketing ROI using Conversational Marketing.
  • The Conversational Sales Formula: Discover how to use Conversational Sales to increase pipeline, sales productivity, and revenue (without increasing headcount).

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From engaging with target accounts to scaling inbound sales to driving more pipeline from webinars and virtual events — we use Drift to solve today’s many marketing and sales challenges. Discover more Drift use cases on our blog.

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Discover more Drift use cases on our blog

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