How Quadient Generated 1100+ Leads in Only 14 Months With Drift


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About Quadient

Quadient helps businesses deliver meaningful customer experiences by providing intelligent communication automation, intelligent parcel locker solutions, and smart mailing and shipping solutions.

The Challenge

When Quadient’s team sat down to assess how they could best generate more engagement and prospects, they quickly identified the need for digital transformation.

“We decided to move forward into the 21st century and look at new ways of engaging with existing customers while also trying to increase engagement with our prospects. A chatbot made sense based on our customers and their expectations,” said Georgina King, Quadient’s Marketing Technology Manager.

Knowing their customers deserved the best experience possible, the Quadient team began searching for a modern and efficient solution that would enable them to increase engagement with potential customers and effectively route support queries.

As a marketing organization, we got a cross-functional team together and looked at various vendors, attended demonstrations, and completed scorecards. The results showed that Drift was the favorite. It offered the best capabilities, and it allowed us to do everything that we envisaged doing using a chatbot.

Georgina King

Marketing Technology Manager, Quadient

The Solution

Quadient understood the value of delivering personalized experiences to meet customer expectations and, after careful evaluation, selected Drift as their preferred solution — prompting a paradigm shift in the way they engage with visitors.

Drift x 6Sense: Connecting with Customers Through Targeted Messaging

For Quadient, Drift and 6sense clicked like lock and key, especially for their enterprise software solutions team. The Drift and 6sense pairing enabled Quadient to tap into valuable insights including who their buyers are, where they originate from, and their position in the sales funnel.

“Having 6sense built into Drift has really helped them segment their audiences and drive clearer messaging, based on who that person is and where they’re coming from,” Georgina explained. “6sense’s segmentation capability helps us streamline the conversations we’re having in Drift.”

And the result? A newfound understanding of who their customers are, what they need, and how to tailor their responses to better serve them.

Using Drift as a starting point provided us with the ability to establish intelligence and gain a better understanding of why people visit our site, and how we could use that information to strengthen our other marketing efforts.

Georgina King

Marketing Technology Manager, Quadient

Leveraging AI to Better Understand Customer Needs 

Using Drift’s Conversational AI, Quadient customers benefit from around-the-clock support so that they get the answers they need, when they need them. 

But what’s even more valuable are the customer insights that Quadient was able to glean from those conversations.

For example, as detailed by Georgina: “With AI, we confirmed that customers are looking for a straightforward way to access pricing points. This gave us the opportunity to think about how to provide this information to customers without making it public on our website for our competitors to see. In other words, how could we make it easily available to customers without them having to look too hard to find it?”

As Quadient embarks on its AI journey, they continue to see progress — particularly in their ability to swiftly address customer support inquiries and pinpoint which services and topics prospects are interested in.

A Streamlined Buying Experience

With Drift by their side, Quadient has been able to supercharge their customer interactions. 

No longer do visitors have to wait for a representative to respond — which could have easily led to a missed opportunity. Now, Quadient can interact with prospects in their exact moment of intent, opening the door for more meaningful conversations. 

“With Drift, we have been able to bridge the gap between prospects and sales representatives. Starting conversations is now faster and more efficient than with just traditional form-fill, and it’s allowed us to remain competitive with other software companies in our industry,” said Georgina. 

And while Quadient’s success with Drift is undeniable, their journey is only just beginning.

We saw Drift as a long-term investment and a tool that we can over time, refine, and optimize to create a robust chatbot that is integral to our marketing stack.

Georgina King

Marketing Technology Manager, Quadient

The Results

More Leads, Pipeline, and Opportunity Wins

Since going live with Drift 14 months ago, Quadient has seen incredible results, including: 

leads generated
in pipeline
opportunity win rate

As for what’s next for Quadient, they plan to continue refining and expanding their use of Drift to maximize its potential. 

“Over the coming months, we plan to deploy Drift to other segments of our business, increasing the possibility of engaging with even more prospects. We will also be accelerating the use of AI across our playbooks, so we can further optimize the customer experience.” Georgina continued, “Finally, we will put some focus this year on deploying Drift across our non-English speaking regional sites.”