Conversational Marketing

Say hello to more leads, high-quality conversions, and happier lifelong customers with the most intelligent conversational solution for modern businesses.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Think of your website as a storefront and Drift Conversational Marketing as your friendly, always-on greeter. Our intelligent solution uses real-time, relevant conversations to engage website visitors, qualify them, and quickly move them through the buying journey.

How is Drift different?

Customer journeys aren’t linear. That’s why Drift is built to scale with you as you grow, supporting your entire customer lifecycle from researching, to buying, to getting help. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, or service, Drift will help you keep up with prospects and customers, so you never have to worry about the 10x dropoff in engagement after just five minutes of waiting. Learn more about why customers pick Drift.

Pricing Information

Drift offers three pricing plans (Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise) for our Conversation Cloud product, which includes Conversational Marketing. The three plans provide different levels of flexibility, customization, and scalability of our sales, marketing, and service workflows based on your needs.

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Turn More Website Traffic Into Pipeline

Get more out of your campaign dollars by better identifying website visitors, understanding their intent, and serving up the right content to nurture them down the funnel. Whether your visitors are net-new prospects or customers, Drift personalizes conversations based on data from your tech stack to maximize your existing campaigns and deliver the right conversation at the right time.

Create Pipeline Faster With AI

Grow pipeline 24/7/365 and scale your team’s efforts with best-in-class intelligence and industry-leading accuracy. Drift’s patented AI, Drift x GPT functionality, and deep integrations surface richer and more actionable conversations that take the guesswork out of marketing. And with AI Insights to uncover conversational trends, your team will have the intel to continually fine-tune go-to-market decisions and respond to what visitors care about most.

Set Your Sales Team Up For Success

Never waste time on the wrong activities or accounts again. Easily distinguish target accounts and high-potential leads from net-new prospects and customers. Use real-time notifications to loop in sales reps to chat live — or allow these accounts book meetings 24/7 with AI chatbots. Learn how they’re interacting with your company, so you can engage with them in a personalized way at exactly the right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With 50+ native integrations, webhooks, and a Zapier connection to 500+ apps, Drift fits right into your existing tech stack. Popular integrations include Salesforce, Eloqua, and Marketo.

Drift delivers enterprise-grade protection and security through adhering to third-party regulatory and compliance requirements. Our policies and practices align with SOC II Type 2, Privacy Shield, Cloud Security Alliance, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and more.

Account-based marketing only works if you fully understand the person on the other end, which is why Drift identifies who is on your website, where they came from, and what pages they’re on. From there, Drift personalizes your messages, notifies reps when a high-value target account is on your website, and uses custom routing to fast-track those target accounts to the right sales rep.

Thousands of marketers use Drift to drive more conversions and increase their return-on-marketing spend at every touchpoint, including forms, event registrations, and paid ads.

Drift powers intelligent, personalized experiences at all stages of the customer journey. Its insights help you distinguish customers from net-new prospects and identify growth opportunities, so you always deliver relevant, valuable conversations that leave them delighted. In fact, businesses see an average 17.5% increase in expansion revenue after using Drift.

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