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About Loopio

Loopio is an RFP automation software that helps users respond to RFPs faster than ever, using a clever combination of response libraries with categories and tags, a smart search feature, duplication monitoring, and automated review cycles.

The Challenge

An expert in automation, Loopio installed Drift on their website so they could engage visitors and enable them to book a meeting using a combination of live sales agents and automated chatbot experiences to scale that engagement.

And while it was a fantastic step forward for their digital engagement strategy, they were missing out on one key opportunity: targeting users with an intent-based approach.

A generic “Engage All” playbook and a few page-based playbooks that target users solely on the page they were currently on meant that Loopio was missing out on key prospects and creating an administrative burden for themselves in terms of the upkeep this approach required. Further, the sales team was spending too much time caught in conversations with non-buying visitors, resulting in lower-than-expected metrics and less buy-in from the sales team.

The Solution

To solve their intent problem, Loopio enlisted the help of Lift AI, a tool that can predict buyer intent score for every visitor as they navigate through a website. Instead of trying to engage all visitors — or engaging visitors who are only on certain pages — Loopio targeted visitors who demonstrated a strong buyer intent based on their real-time behavior.

Lift AI’s artificial intelligence model was pre-trained on billions of data points to learn what a true buyer does or doesn’t look like based solely on their behavior. When a visitor has a high buyer intent score, marketing and sales teams can ensure they’re triggering the right engagements, at the right time.

Once Loopio installed Lift AI on their website and began to score the real-time buyer intent of every visitor in real-time, they were equipped to level up their Drift implementation.

Today, Drift and Lift AI have partnered to offer a brand-new solution, Drift Engage, that can do this for all Drift customers. Drift Engage instantly scores the real-time intent of every website visitor, even those who are 100% anonymous. Then, based on the level of intent, automatically surfaces the most relevant chatbot experience to your visitors, while enhancing your team’s visibility into intent-based web traffic. No other solution can automatically serve up relevant chat experiences based on real-time intent scoring for both known and anonymous site visitors.


Loopio’s first move was to create playbooks exclusively for high-intent traffic by enabling target criteria to capture Lift AI scores between 65-100. This playbook would connect visitors with the highest likelihood of conversion directly to live sales agents during business hours, regardless of the website page that visitor was on.

Next, Loopio captured medium- and low-intent visitors with playbooks to deflect and nurture, as needed. Visitors with a score between 35-65, or medium-intent visitors, were served a playbook that would either further qualify them to connect them with a sales agent or nurture them with specific resources like blog articles in the hopes of an eventual sale. Visitors with a score between 0-35, or low-intent visitors, were connected to automated playbooks that focus on delivering support-related content and early-stage resources.

While the high-intent playbooks are focused on capturing and converting traffic, the medium- and low-intent playbooks can not only nurture but deflect traffic away from sales agents, ensuring they spend their time connecting with ready-to-buy visitors.

Intent-based playbooks

The Results

After switching from a page-based to an intent-based approach to Drift, Loopio saw some incredible results.

Within one month of installing Lift AI and the high-intent playbook, Loopio saw:

  • 733% more meetings booked
  • 800% more opportunities
  • 251% more revenue

In our first month using Lift AI to optimize our Drift channel, meetings booked increased by 733%!

Marcus D.

Revenue Marketing Manager at Loopio