How Jitterbit closed over $1 Million through Drift


Closed through Drift


weeks to ROI


minute chat response time

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About Jitterbit

Jitterbit is in the business of accelerating innovation through the power of APIs and integration. Using technology to create a highly customizable and responsive engagement process, Jitterbit has developed a sustainable, buyer-centric sales engine. Michael Muhlfelder, VP of Sales, North America shared: “We have a very prescriptive, very diagnostic, highly personalized approach to our selling.”

The Challenge

Delivering the Right Conversations To Keep Up With Buyers’ Changing Expectations

The B2B sales landscape was changing, and Jitterbit knew they had to change right along with it to meet their buyers’ new expectations.

It was clear that holding conversations on the website was critical, but the team didn’t have a solution in place to facilitate those conversations. “I had implemented Drift at my last company and we had ROI in less than a week,” Michael shared. “I knew from that experience and what was happening in the market overall that the need to have a conversation on your website was critical, so I brought the concept of Drift. The then CMO was looking at it, but it was fairly low on the priority list, and I said ‘that can’t happen, we need it right now.’”

If a B2B buyer arrives at your website and has a subpar experience, they won’t hesitate to move on to your competitor’s site. This is the new reality. Success is no longer solely about the quality of your product, it’s also about the quality of your customer experience.

George Gallegos

CEO at Jitterbit

The Solution

A Partner That Can Help Supercharge Sales and Increase Personalized Engagement

The decision to choose Drift was an easy one. “There was no need as far as I was concerned to look at another solution, and there’s not another need to compare or look at another one now,” Michael said.

“We chose to implement Drift across the board right off the bat,” said Gallegos. “Our rollout was pretty simple. We added Drift to the website and explained to the sales team how it would help deliver a better customer experience by automatically engaging prospects or customers in a semi-personalized way.”


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“Picture this: you walk into a brick and mortar business and they greet you and then ask how they can help you. That’s how we use Drift on our website. When you come to our site, you’re greeted by our chatbot. First, you receive an opt-in message, but then it asks you the nature of your visit. Do you have a question? Do you need to speak to somebody? Is it sales related?” Michael explained. “We see a terrific interaction with our prospects both from a communication standpoint and from a lead-gen conversion to sale. The entire process works incredibly well.”

Jitterbit deployed Drift across its website to supercharge the team’s sales efforts.

Drift definitely complements our day-to-day prospect engagement. It gives us an opportunity to connect with the prospects while they’re engaging with us. From a sales standpoint, if we want to do any kind of pipeline acceleration, then this helps us engage faster, and more successfully."

Kathy Nguyen

Director of Sales Development at Jitterbit

Up and Running, With Ease

Jamie Taylor, Marketing Specialist at Jitterbit, attests to the ease of adoption with Drift. “We’re merging companies right now, and as a brand new administrator, it’s been a lot to take in, but I’ve been incredibly impressed every step of the way. Our first playbook for our new team is already a much better experience than what they were using, and this first playbook was just us trying to get them online quickly.”

Within maybe four or six weeks of us going live, we noticed two of our top competitors also implemented Drift. And there's no better compliment than when your competitors follow what you do.

Michael Muhlfelder

VP of Sales, North America, Jitterbit

The Results

A Solution That Puts the Buyer First, Expedites Sales, Grows Revenue and Pays for Itself in No Time

Drift supports Jitterbit’s customer- and buyer-centric approach to selling and customer service. Not only does Drift expedite Jitterbit’s sales process, but it also helps put the buyer first and deliver the personalized service experiences customers expect, today.

Jitterbit has seen some incredible results during their journey with Drift:

closed through Drift
weeks to ROI
> minute chat response time

A six-figure deal in record time

It didn’t take long after deployment for the team to see results with Drift. George shared the story about a prospect hitting the site and being engaged immediately by an SDR via chat; “As a result, we were able to start the sales cycle before our competitors even noticed they had a lead. Because we were able to engage the prospect in real-time, and in a personalized and ‘human’ way, we created a five-day head start against the competition, and in the end closed a six-figure deal.”

But the value of Drift goes beyond engagement via chat. “In addition to playing a pivotal role in winning deals, Drift also empowers and enables our sales team by automating a lot of the front end qualification. This reduces the legwork our reps need to do, which means they can spend more time engaging in higher-value conversations,” George said.

We have closed in excess of a million dollars that came in through Drift. So it’s a real and vital part of what we do here at Jitterbit — it's core to the engine. There's no scenario I could envision where we would stop using it, or consider stopping using it.

Michael Muhlfelder

VP of Sales, North America, Jitterbit

An exceptional, always-on customer and buyer experience

Jitterbit understands the value of an exceptional buying experience. ​​“In today’s global markets, being able to deliver an exceptional customer experience is an increasingly critical part of sales success and growth,” George said. “This is especially true in commodity categories where the technology itself may not be a differentiator. Jitterbit falls into that category. We have plenty of direct competitors who can technically provide the same service we do. What sets us apart is how we engage our prospects and buyers, and Drift is a big part of that.”

“From a customer standpoint, there is an opportunity for us to really support the customer. If there is any opportunity to expand or have conversations on additional solutions that they would like to see from Jitterbit then that goes to our Customer team and they can engage really quickly,” Kathy said.

If you’re operating a global business, you need to be responsive to a global audience. Michael explained, “If you’re only on nine-to-five or eight-to-five eastern time, you’re missing half of the west coast day. There’s no real-time or near real-time response.” With a “follow the sun” strategy ensuring that the sales team is manning Drift at all hours, Jitterbit’s customers and buyers are set up for an exceptional experience. “Two weeks ago, somebody chatted in on a weekend and it flowed over to a UK contact. They didn’t have to wait for somebody to engage them,” Michael said.

An accelerated sales cycle keeps Jitterbit a step ahead

Kathy explained how valuable fast response times are to website visitors: “Our response time from the SDRs is within five minutes. I listen to calls from SDRs all the time where when the prospect is asked if they’re evaluating other vendors they say, ‘yeah, but you guys were the first to call me,’ or ‘you guys were the first to reach out.’”

She continued, “Expediting and accelerating our process is really improving getting pipe conversations down to our sales team,” she said.

We see a direct correlation in the engagement with the prospect and our timeliness and response in routing to how we win deals.

Michael Muhlfelder

VP of Sales, North America, Jitterbit

Drift gets meetings on calendars — on the prospect’s schedule

Engaging prospects while they’re on the site is only part of the equation; a truly effective sales engine powered by Drift must generate meetings and pipeline, too. Kathy explained that features like Drift Meetings and Fastlane expedite that process and influences pipeline.

“Having [Drift Meetings] built out within the website and then feeding it back into Salesforce, we’re actually able to book meetings and prospects can book meetings if they don’t want to chat now. So it doesn’t pressure them to have a conversation now, but they can have it when they’re prepared and ready and a little bit more educated,” Kathy shared.

I absolutely love [Fastlane] because it gives the opportunity when someone is visiting our site to fill out their information. They can chat now, book a meeting now, or get information later. We have seen an uptick in meetings booked just from that page or from Fastlane specifically.”

Kathy Nguyen

Director of Sales Development at Jitterbit

A unifying framework for a growing business

“We’re an acquisitive company,” Michael shared. “So being able to pull the companies together in a common framework, see all of the interactions in Salesforce, report on them for our sales people; it changes the dynamic in the sale from the very first engagement with a prospect and it sets the tone and the pace for us and for others in the space.”

Jitterbit knows that a unified team is the best chance at success with their customers. Engagement and personalization can’t happen in a vacuum, which is why Drift is such an integral part to what they do on a daily basis to boost business and win customers. “I’m a big believer in having sales and marketing so tightly aligned that there’s no daylight between them. Drift helps us close the gap between these two disciplines. It’s a part of the fabric of our tech stack across both functions – front-end to back-end. And the more we expand our deployment and optimize it, the better our results.”