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Baileys Living

About Baileys Living

Australian home builder Baileys Living marries cutting-edge design with digital-first services at an affordable price. Launched in 2018, they spearheaded the country’s first online home-building platform. This model simplifies the design process with a full range of services tailored to each client’s living needs. As a result, Baileys Living makes it easier for owners to turn their dream homes into reality.

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The Challenge

Helping Clients Faster and More Efficiently 

For Baileys Living, choosing to adopt chat services was somewhat of an afterthought. But through the recommendation of their website developer, they decided to give Drift a test drive with its free plan. The results that followed surprised them — their chatbox inquiries skyrocketed. At that point, Baileys Living needed a solution that filtered inquiries and facilitated a more efficient buying process.

“With Drift, because we weren’t expecting the chatbot to do so well, we found that the directors, including myself, were answering many of the chatbot inquiries online and via the app. It was consuming a lot of our time in the evenings, which was another reason for reaching out to Drift: to expand our licensing and get help from their team to streamline the process,” said Jason Willoughby, Managing Director of Baileys Living.


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We were quite surprised by the number of people interacting with the chat. So we thought to investigate this further and to look at how we could expand the use of the chat and how to adopt it into our business model.
Jason Willoughby of Baileys Living

Jason Willoughby

Managing Director at Baileys Living

The Solution

Enhanced Engagement and Customization

Baileys Living needed a solution that could assist their customers at every stage of their journey — making the upgrade to Premium was the obvious next step. From there, Drift’s team ensured that the onboarding process was smooth sailing. “Drift’s team exceeded our expectations. I think it’s probably the best after-sales service I’ve experienced in my work history. It was exceptional. It was very professional and regimental, which was great because it means minimal time to get the best outcome,” said Jason.

With Drift Premium, clients are met with a frictionless experience. The switch to Drift has allowed Baileys Living to craft thoughtful responses to various questions, which are then forwarded to customers instantly.

“We have set up responses to the basic inquiries and are now looking at some patterns where we can use Drift to accommodate more detailed natured inquiries, to better streamline and filter accordingly. Before, we might’ve just jumped into a conversation, whereas now we can see where the client is coming from and what they are after. Now, we’re much more advanced in converting conversations into appointments and driving customers to the next stages,” said Jason.

Seamless Integration

Baileys Living wanted a conversational platform that could work in synergy with their customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software. Drift’s HubSpot integration allows them to log captured leads by syncing contact data. As Jason explained, “Drift is very handywith HubSpot. We have been able to identify the client’s journey, so we can see where they’ve come from and where they’ve been, which allows us to jump in to help them. Traditionally, people have to call, leave an inquiry, or send an email, and it takes forever to respond. Drift allows us to do it almost instantaneously. So it’s just a better service for the client overall and better for us.”

HubSpot is the catchall for us, and now with Drift, we can see the whole journey, be it our adverts or web page visits, and then Drift's chat is there to engage along that journey. If the client is quite active and needs some assistance, we can proactively engage with them and assist them based on the information we see. It's perfect and seamless.
Jason Willoughby of Baileys Living

Jason Willoughby

Managing Director at Baileys Living

The Results

More Conversations, Leads, and Opportunities to Expand

Baileys Living takes the guesswork out of home design by taking a forward-thinking approach through their online platform. With the help of Drift, homeowners can get the answers they need at a faster, more efficient rate. Since upgrading to Drift Premium, Baileys Living has seen excellent results:

conversations via Drift chat
leads captured
successful HubSpot integration (CRM and marketing automation)

As Baileys Living continues to evolve — taking Australia’s home-building industry by storm — they see their business bolstering Drift’s functionalities even further. “The way we use Drift will keep expanding. There are a lot of opportunities we haven’t even touched on yet as to how we could use it, including advertising, dealing with inquiries, and how quickly our reps can respond to these inquiries. We are still a work in progress, so we’re at the early stages, but I see a lot of promise moving forward as to what Drift can do to help us help our clients,” said Jason.

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I see Drift as integral to what we do, especially because we are very much an online business. We have many plans to integrate Drift into our business further.
Jason Willoughby of Baileys Living

Jason Willoughby

Managing Director at Baileys Living

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