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Every week I’ll share one thing that’s on my mind. I try to keep the email focused on sharing a habit, mental model or tool that’s easy to adopt, but can provide a high degree of leverage.

So far, emails to the Drift team have included my thoughts on meritocracy, the “big bang” fallacy and why most meetings are a waste of time, plus learnings from countless books and role models like Charlie Munger, Peter Drucker and Stephen Covey.

We started sharing some of these emails on our podcast, Seeking Wisdom. And some listeners even started asking if there was a way to get the emails themselves. Basically, the feedback has been better than I ever expected.

So I’ve decided to publish these emails to my own newsletter (with the confidential stuff taken out and a few extras thrown in).

Drift has quickly converted me over to a brand fan through all of their valuable content. If you thrive on personal growth and learning from others, I highly recommend signing up for this newsletter. DC is constantly coming with that.

Kris Kurdziolek

Marketing Coordinator & Salesforce Administrator at Plastic Packaging Technologies



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