Hi all —

Maybe you call it remote work. Maybe you call it WFH. Here at Drift, we call it digital first. But we’re all connecting in from home offices across the globe.

Back when we first made the decision to take Drift digital first, it was a relatively new and foreign idea. COVID had changed traditional notions of work. We saw that we could successfully collaborate and grow remotely. So giving our teams more flexibility was a no-brainer.

Now almost a year into our official designation as a digital first company, I’ve been thinking more about what that means. And honestly? I think it’s time for a little reframe.

I’d argue that we aren’t digital first at all.

Drift is human first, and digital second — maybe third or sixth. The point is, our people are what’s most important.

And even though this newish remote work environment can make human connection feel difficult — if we remember our teammates first — it doesn’t have to be.

So, respond with more than just an emoji or a reaction in Slack. Proactively reach out to people and see how they’re doing. It doesn’t have to turn into million meetings — in fact, it shouldn’t — but it can make a big difference.

How are you doing in this remote work world? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 and let me know what you do to stay connected to your team.


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