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Now that Drift is a Digital First company and so many of us are still working from home (and will continue to do so in the months and years to come) I thought I’d repost this one from the archives because it is REALLY important.

TLDR; Avoid calling a meeting 98% of the time. For the 2% of the time where you still think a meeting is needed see my thoughts below and the recommended tips from others.

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As our companies get bigger and more complex, there’s a tendency for people to feel the need to call for more meetings. I believe it is dangerous, subtle and unless we fight against this tendency it will lead to creating a bureaucratic, slow-moving company.

Please work hard to avoid meetings. Question if we can do it without a meeting, push back when invited to a meeting, and excuse yourself from a meeting if you feel it is not useful.

Here are my thoughts on meetings:

  1. Seeking Wisdom #51: How To Run A Meeting
  2. Seeking Wisdom #57: How We Do Internal Communication At Drift

Recommended tips from others (remember to avoid meetings 98% of the time and use these tips for the remaining 2% of the time):

  1. Running effective meetings: a guide for humans (Atlassian)
  2. Jeff Bezos Knows How to Run a Meeting. Here’s How He Does It (Inc)
  3. Google Chair Eric Schmidt’s 8 Rules For Running A Great Meeting (Business Insider)

Why do you want to call a meeting

For the meetings that are necessary, how do you ensure they’re productive? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 to let me know.

– DC

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