Hi all —

Did anyone ever tell you that you could achieve any goal you put your mind to?

I know I heard it a lot growing up. And I wholeheartedly believe it — with a caveat or two.

When you’re setting a goal, there has to be a visual representation of that goal. As much as it would be nice, simply voicing it isn’t going to get it done. You have to take it a step further.

No matter what it is, if you want a chance at achieving it, you really need to have a clear visual in mind.

Visualization is a powerful tool.

Jim Carrey uses it. Oprah, and Arnold Schwarzenegger too.

Neuroscientists have even found that simply imagining to move can train the muscles almost as much as actually moving them.

So, add the visualization step into your next goal-setting session. It can be a sketch. It can be a vision board. It can be a concrete picture of exactly what you’re looking to achieve.

Whatever it is, ask yourself: What’s the screenshot?

Because without visual representation, we’re just on a journey for treasure without a map.

What visualization techniques do you use to help achieve your goals? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 and let me know.


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