Hi all —

Ever wondered what my job is as CEO?

As a longtime leader of multiple companies, I get asked this a lot.

A quick Google search says my job is:

To be responsible for maximizing business value by setting the vision, long-term goals, framework, and direction of the organization.

I disagree. I think my job as CEO is to align and inspire everyone and then get out of the way and let them run.

It’s how I’ve always operated as a business leader.

I hire highly capable people. I believe in these people. And I want to give them the runway and inspiration to exceed their potential.

That means doing things like writing this newsletter every week. Hosting podcasts, writing articles, having 1-on-1’s with my direct reports, keeping up with everyone on Slack, reading every book I can get my hands on, and lots of other stuff that would make this list far too long for one email.

Bottom line: I take my job as CEO very seriously. I want Drift to succeed as a company. And I like the thought of empowering more CEOs to join the ranks of leadership, too.

So, what do you think makes a great CEO? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 and let me know.


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