Hi all –

We’re practically living online these days. Sure, the pandemic accelerated the move, but it was always going to happen. The writing has been on the world wide wall for a long time now.

For businesses, for everyday people, we’re all feeling the squeeze to keep things human.

In the rush to automate everything and increase efficiency, we’re forgetting the people are at the end of everything we do.

The people on our teams. The people we’re selling to. The people we come home to at night (after a long day at the office or home office).

It’s these people that should be our focus. And that takes personalization.

An impromptu one-on-one with a teammate. A tailored experience for a buyer. Being present and engaged with the people we care about most in our lives.

This is all personalization. And it’s the difference between a meaningful interaction and a business transaction.

One is memorable — it feels good. The other is quickly forgotten.

So, I challenge you to be more personal in everything you do. It’s a subtle shift, but people will notice. And you will too.

What’s the most memorable buying experience you’ve had lately? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 to let me know why it stood out from the rest.

– DC

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