Hi all –

No matter what you do for work, it’s important to ask yourself this question:

Have you checked in with your most important customers lately?

Last month I was talking with the product team here at Drift, and we got to talking about our #1 customers. They’re not our biggest prospects or biggest accounts. They’re not who you might think. Our biggest customers are each and every member of our team.

If you know Drift, you know that we put our customers at the center of everything we do – it’s even one of our leadership principles.

But as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and team members, YOU have to love whatever product or service you’re selling BEFORE anyone else in the world can.

At Drift, we have a variety of programs in place that bring us all together – even though we’ve been working remotely since March 2020. Each program strengthens our connectivity and helps us grow as knowledgeable Drift evangelists.

So, make sure to regularly check in with your teammates. And yourself too. It really matters.

How do you keep yourself engaged and energized with work? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 and let me know how it worked out.

– DC

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