Hi all —

I’ve been talking a lot about unplugging lately. Simply put, we don’t do it enough.

In-office cultures of the past valued a first-person in, last-person out model. Late hours were a badge of honor. And vacation time sat unused.

At Drift, we’re a digital-first company — and we’re focused on keeping the lines between work and home life clear. WFH does all for more flexibility, but it shouldn’t necessarily mean more time working.

A couple of months ago Fast Company posted an interesting article about downtime for our brains. Give it a read — it’s short.

But we’re all different, so it’s important that we listen to ourselves and get the rest and relaxation we need.

For me, I have a pretty set morning routine that I’ve been following for a while. A little stretching, a little yoga, some meditation, exercise, reading, and time with my kids. It starts every day on the right foot, and it’s something I stick to wherever I am.

And no matter what you do for work, remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So take care of yourselves.

How do you like to unplug and recharge? Text me at +1-212-380-1036 and let me know.

– DC

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