10 Sales Secrets From Drift to 10x Your Sales Performance This Year

The most successful salespeople share a few things in common. They:

  • Focus on helping vs. selling
  • Listen more and talk less
  • Use creativity over craftiness
  • And they double down on technology to keep pace with their ever-evolving buyers

Those are just a few of the fundamentals I learned early on from the Drift sales team.

But I wanted to learn more. More about our sales process and how we use Drift at Drift to increase sales productivity, accelerate deals, and fuel our hypergrowth.

So I reached out to the experts.

And – after multiple interviews with our sales leadership, SDRs, AEs, and AMs – I’ve uncovered 18 of Drift’s best-kept secret sales strategies.

Now, we’re sharing all of them with you in our latest book Drift Selling Secrets.

sales secrets

Here’s a peek at some of the sales secrets from the book:

1. Go Deep into What Target Accounts Care About

Personalization is king in B2B sales and the key to running a successful account-based engagement strategy. That’s why every morning our SDR team uses Drift Prospector to identify what buyers from target accounts are up to, who their buying committees are, and insight into their activities. All without jumping into Salesforce.

2. Personalize & Scale Your Sales Prospecting with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making it easier than ever to scale sales teams. At Drift, AI chatbots take care of repetitive tasks, website engagement outside working hours, and buyer qualification so our SDRs can focus on sales prospecting and breaking into target accounts.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd with This Video Strategy

Our SDRs and AEs use asynchronous videos to engage with target buyers. In fact, one rep saw three times more engagement on their cold emails using Drift Video.

The best part? Many of our sales video strategies can be executed in less than a minute:

Watch the full video

4. Make Empathy a Competitive Advantage

Put the customer at the center of everything you do is the first leadership principle you learn working at Drift. For sales, the same rule applies to buyers. In both cases, you need to practice empathy. Empathy makes reps better storytellers, researchers, and creative thinkers. It also allows sales to put themselves in the buyer’s shoes.

5. Treat Outbound B2B Sales Like Mini Marketing Campaigns

When researching his book of business and reaching out to target accounts, SDR Tate Knapp leverages Drift Prospector to develop sales plays and cadences across channels for specific personas in the buying committee. Much like any great marketing campaign.

6. Be Human & Ship Daily

Sales rarely has the luxury of time. So, while it’s tempting to spend hours crafting perfect prospecting videos and emails, sometimes you just have to ship it. Buyers don’t want perfection – they want answers from real people.

7. Double Down on High-Value Sales Activities

Sales is bombarded by intent signals every day. Sifting through them and focusing on what matters is tough without the right tools. With Drift, AE Alex Hanbury can stop banging his head against the wall trying to understand his buyers and focus on actioning insights right away. See how he does it.

8. Get Your Selling Time Back

Before joining and using Drift, our AEs spent hours coordinating meeting times and emailing back and forth with buyers just to put something on their calendar. According to one of our sales managers, Nick, it could take a week just to book one meeting with a busy buyer. Even buyers he was already talking to. In the book, Nick and other sales reps share the channels and tactics they use to speed up these conversations and get buyers to the solutions they need faster.

9. Use Real-Time Engagement For Selling & Training

Our sales team doesn’t just use Drift for buyer- and customer-facing activities. We leverage Drift for our internal communication too – especially now that we’ve transitioned to a remote-first model. For example, we train SDRs to engage with buyers using Drift Live Chat and we use Drift Video to reduce endless Slacks and emailing between managers and teammates.

10. In Enterprise Selling, You Need to Pass the Ball

Sales is competitive. But the larger deals get, the more reps rely on their team to help take opportunities over the finish line:

Get All 18 Drift Sales Secrets

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