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Stop sending faceless, robotic emails that get ignored. With Drift Video, you can send rich, personal messages that stick and convert. Easily capture your screen, front-facing camera, or both.

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With Drift Video, our reply rates moved from 3-4% to 10-12%, with half of the replies being generated by videos. Adding this level of personalization dramatically increased the quality of conversations we began to have with our prospects. And on top of that, we managed to double the conversion rate from MQL to SQL. Now our whole sales team in France, the UK, and the U.S. are using Drift Video.”
— Pierre Touzeau, VP of Marketing at 360Learning

Chat Live and Book Meetings Right Alongside Your Sales Videos

Engage your customers live while they watch. Start a conversation, respond to questions, or book a meeting while your recipients view your sales videos. You can even engage viewers and book meetings when you’re sleeping, with Drift Video Bot.

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Engage with Drift Video's sales video tools

Track Views and Get Notified Immediately

Drift Video instantly notifies you on desktop and mobile when people engage with your sales videos. Plus you can see who’s watched and for exactly how long. Jump in to chat in real-time to accelerate your deal cycle.

Track views with Drift Video's sales video tools

Drift Video Works Where You Work

Record in 3 clicks from Google Chrome or on the go with the mobile app. The Drift Video Chrome Extension saves you even more time with its integrations with popular platforms like Gmail, Zoom, LinkedIn, Outreach, and more.

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Better Follow-up
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Faster Answers
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Better Relationships

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