Know Which Accounts to Focus On

Drift Prospector helps your sales reps accelerate revenue by automatically prioritizing their target accounts, centralizing insight on behavior across the buying committee, and giving them direct access to follow up – all from a single interface. Drift’s sales prospecting tools collect all the buying signals on your contacts and accounts from across your tech stack to build an engagement score that automatically prioritizes your target accounts, so you can just focus on your outreach.

Identify the Buying Committee and What They Care About

Save time mapping your accounts. Drift’s B2B prospecting tools automatically uncovers and centralizes account contacts that are engaging with your sales and marketing programs, so you know which sales prospects you should reach out to and what to say.

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Alert Your Team When Something Happens with an Account

Capitalize on your buyer’s intent. Drift’s sales prospecting tools will instantly notify you the second someone lands on your site so you can engage them in a real-time conversation. Not around to chat? No problem. Easily enroll them in an Outreach sequence, start a new message via Gmail, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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Drift Prospector is the first marketing platform that I've seen that is actually built to truly unify a company’s GTM efforts. Drift's platform brings a prospect from top of the funnel to front of the line. Having a place where all sales and customer engagement activities are centralized provides a real-time blueprint of where our reps should be focusing their efforts and is a game changer for us.”
— Marc Potter, CRO at Actian Corporation

Connect with Your Best Prospects Faster

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