How ROI·DNA Used Conversational Marketing to Increase Webinar Registrations by 33%

Conversational Marketing is not just another channel. That’s how CEO Matt Quirie and his team at ROI·DNA, a rapidly growing B2B digital agency, see things.

To the ROI·DNAers, Conversational Marketing – delivered specifically through Drift – is an “amplifier” that both magnifies and streamlines the highly-personalized account-based marketing (ABM) strategies ROI·DNA has been building for years.

How can you use Drift to take your existing marketing efforts to the next level, just like ROI·DNA’s clients?

To find out, I invited Matt to participate in my monthly series spotlighting the great work of our Drift Solutions Partners.

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Editor’s note: The following has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Nick Salvatoriello: Just to set the context, can you describe what ROI·DNA is all about?

Matt Quirie: ROI·DNA is a pure B2B digital agency specializing in digital strategy, digital analytics, and digital marketing. We build bespoke ABM channels and run entire digital engagements for some of the fastest-growing and largest companies in the world.

Nick: So how does Drift and Conversational Marketing fit into all of this?

Matt: What I’m excited about is Conversational Marketing’s abilities to fast forward your conversion rate optimization (CRO) program. Instead of building 25 A/B testing pages, you can start having conversations right away and use them to inform what you should build for the A/B testing.

You still need to do conversion rate optimization with A/B testing, but now, with Conversational Marketing, you can load up a bunch of conversations, see what resonates with customers, and guide your experiments more effectively with uplift on converting leads, generating pipeline, and accelerating revenue. You’re going to get more money in the door because you’re having the conversations buyers want to have, and you’re going to have happier sales teams with better leads.

The content and context you get with ABM platforms such as 6sense or Demandbase are great. But we don’t just want to know how people interact with our clients’ websites. We want to understand the thought behind their interactions.

If we can engage the right person with the right piece of context, the right reach-out, or the right phrasing representing your brand and the value of your product – that’s super powerful for the buyer, the client, and ultimately a value-driver for us as an innovative agency.

Nick: Can you share an example of how one of your clients used Conversational Marketing with Drift to accelerate an existing marketing initiative?

Matt: Ontra, a legal services technology firm, had a webinar coming up, and the conversion rate on their webinar signup page was not achieving their goals. They needed a quick win, and they asked us for some help – fast!

So, we built a couple of Drift bot playbooks and deployed them on the site and the signup page.

The chatbots allowed us to gather contextual information about potential webinar attendees in real-time, synced with Ontra’s CRM. This, in turn, helped us refine the strategy and messaging about the webinar to drive up the conversion rate and register more visitors using the chatbot.

The result? Ontra’s webinar registration increased by 33% compared to prior webinars in only a matter of days.

And by the way, as an agency, we were able to use this relatively straightforward Drift engagement as a learning opportunity for our client.

That’s what I love about our partnerships: We’re bringing our clients along that journey. We’re completely transparent with them so that they can learn how to continue evolving their conversational approach. It’s about teaching them a new strategy and how to evolve.

Nick: Was Ontra pleased with the results?

Matt: Not only were they pleased, but they were ecstatic about the entire experience of working with the Drift Revenue Acceleration Platform and the Drift customer service team.

A quote from Nani Shaffer, Ontra’s VP of Marketing, represents a typical reaction when we introduce our clients to Drift:

“We had a great experience with Drift, particularly because their team is so proactive and engaged with helping us to develop and execute a real strategy with their product.”

Nick: Last question: What would you say to any organization that is just starting to explore the potential of Conversational Marketing and Drift?

Matt: I would say take the time to discover where it naturally fits with your current digital marketing technology and strategy and talk to Drift.

It makes perfect sense in any strategy that involves marketing automation, CRM, ABM, or web platforms and data. Drift is every bit as critical as all of those systems today.

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