Create More Qualified Pipeline Faster. Introducing Fastlane and the Drift Sales Seat.

Five years ago, we saw that there was too much friction in the B2B buying process.

And as a result, marketers were missing their targets, which led to companies missing their revenue goals.

So we set out on a mission to help buyers get a better buying experience with the #noforms movement. Because we believed that a better customer experience led to more successful companies – and that’s still true today.

Back then, static forms were the root cause of that friction. So, we made the decision to remove every single form from our website and replaced them with chat. And there were a lot of companies out there that did the same.

Since then, those companies have driven billions of dollars in pipeline 🤯

But here’s the thing.

Not everyone can go from a world with forms to a world without forms right away. Because for most marketers, it’s the number one source of leads that they drive for their sales team.

And if they didn’t have that, sales teams would be on the hook to create nearly all of their own pipeline – which is very inefficient.

So we realized we had to do more. We have to support our customers in every way that they work. From the inbound motion that relies on forms to the outbound motion for customers who can’t rely on marketing alone to hit their numbers.

Which is why today, we are launching two new products.

The first is called Fastlane.

With Fastlane, customers don’t have to give up their forms. Instead, they can turn their static forms into conversational forms. So when a qualified buyer fills one out, they can chat with sales instantly – or book a future meeting – without ever leaving the website.

The second is the Drift Sales Seat.

The Drift Sales Seat brings together all the tools reps need into one place. Reps can now identify intent signals and use those insights to focus their effort on the right accounts, identify the buying committee, and engage buyers through chat, email, and video.

With these two new products, Drift supercharges both marketing forms and sales prospecting – resulting in more qualified pipeline, faster.

Want to see Fastlane and the Drift Sales Seat in action? Join us on June 9th for our first-ever product event. Register here today.

Until then, let’s take a closer look into how each product works.


Fastlane helps you drive more qualified pipeline from your lead forms.

“With Drift Fastlane, we were able to more than double our MQL to SQL conversion rate and cut our days from first touch to opportunity in half.”

– Matt Dawson, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Brandwatch

Qualify Leads in Real-Time

With lead forms today, buyers are forced to wait hours or even days to be followed up with someone in sales – if ever at all with leads falling through the cracks. With Fastlane, once someone on your website fills out a form, Drift qualifies them in real-time. If they meet your criteria, they’ll be invited to instantly start a conversation with a salesperson through chat – or book a meeting on the spot.

Engage with Buyers Instantly

After Fastlane qualifies your buyers, you can have them instantly connected to someone on your sales team so they can jump straight into a conversation without ever leaving your website. On the rep’s side, they’ll be notified that a buyer is ready to talk so they can immediately jump into the conversation with every piece of context they need about the buyer.

Book Meetings Directly from Your Forms

Now let’s say your buyer can’t meet with you right then and there. No problem. They have the option to book a meeting directly onto their dedicated salesperson’s calendar. So as a salesperson, now you have a new meeting with a qualified prospect on the books – without lifting a finger.

Drift Sales Seat

The Drift Sales Seat helps you connect with more qualified buyers, faster.

“Our Enterprise sales team is gaining significant value from Drift Sales Seat, from the activity feed, to the email digest, to top target account notifications. They can interact with their top prospects and customers in real time.”

Know Where to Focus Your Time and Effort

One of the biggest challenges for sellers is prioritizing their target accounts. They’re constantly going back and forth between systems, sifting through activity, and trying to make sense of the data to see if anything happened that warrants outreach. The Sales Seat collects all the intent signals from your buyers to build an engagement score that automatically prioritizes your target accounts, so you can just focus on your outreach.

Engage Your Buyers Across Channels

More than 50% of salespeople say they don’t have enough information about their buyers before reaching out. The Sales Seat brings together all of the insights and tools reps need – like chat, email, and video – so you can drive higher engagement with your buyers.

Take Action on Your Accounts Immediately

Salespeople are 6x more likely to book a meeting if they engage a buyer within an hour of them being on the website. The Sales Seat instantly notifies sellers the second buyers take action – like visiting the website, viewing a video, or filling out a form – so they can reach out right away.

Interested in learning how Drift can help you create more quality pipeline faster? Get a demo today.