7 Simple Rules For Better Visitor Retention


Visitor retention is a bit of a rising topic, and for good reason. But why? In this article, we’ll cover all of that. Plus, we’ll go over 7 really simple rules for better visitor retention. Sound good? Awesome. What Is Visitor Retention Exactly?  Simply put, it’s about retaining visitors, both in terms of returning visitors, […]
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Aligning Sales & Marketing Around The Buyer Should Be Your Primary Focus for 2020. Here’s Why & How To Do It With Conversational Marketing.


Everyone knows that sales and marketing are responsible for driving revenue. But despite this shared goal, these two departments are rarely aligned around much else. And that’s a shame too, shows a recent report from LeadMD. Because businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment are 67% more effective at closing deals, 58% more effective at […]
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How Conversational Marketing Can Help You Build A PPC Strategy That Converts

Conversational Marketing and PPC

The Problem: B2B marketing organizations are throwing money away on PPC and advertising strategies that don’t convert Tired inbound advertising methods are creating friction for prospects The Solution: Remove the number of touchpoints between first contact and meaningful conversation Embrace conversational marketing to reduce abandonment, improve lead quality, and reduce time to close The State […]
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Introducing Drift + Sigstr – Start Hundreds Of Real-Time Conversations From A Marketing Channel You’ve Never Thought About


Here’s a crazy stat you might not have heard before: Today’s office employee sends between 10,000 and 20,000 emails per year. For a 100 person company that’s 1 to 2 million emails per year. Think about how much money you’d spend on AdWords to get that number of impressions – at least tens of thousands of […]
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4 Conversational Marketing Best Practices We Learned From Analyzing 1.32 Billion Conversations. Introducing Conversation Analysis From Drift.


1.32 billion. That’s how many conversations customers have had on the Drift platform this year alone. Now think about this. If we were able to read and analyze every single one of those conversations FOR you what could that do for your business? Like why your buyers are really coming to your website (instead of […]
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Who’s Coming To HYPERGROWTH: Insider Edition 


You know HYPERGROWTH. We’ve brought it to Boston, San Francisco, and London. We’ve met thousands of people in the process and learned from countless authors, entrepreneurs, and trend-makers. So this year, we’ve stacked the deck with some pretty inspiring speakers 😉 But the one thing we’ve heard over and over is that Drift customers, the […]
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