3 Ways Drift Video Can Help You Sell More Efficiently

By Elizabeth Hilfrank

Convincing today’s buyers that they need your technology is about as easy as convincing a toddler to eat their vegetables…which is to say, it’s not easy at all.

Between complex buying cycles with countless stakeholders, a cluttered martech landscape, and budget cuts up the wazoo, it’s little wonder why buyers are not as willing to part with their money. So, with all of these roadblocks ahead, how do you pave the path to revenue?

Two words: Get creative.

While that alone might sound daunting, Drift Video can help you channel your creative side. With Drift Video, not only will you be able to cut through the prospecting noise, but you’ll also be able to continue the conversation more seamlessly, expand your reach within buying groups, and offer comprehensive support in less time.

Ready to see what Drift Video looks like in action? Here are three use cases that Drift’s very own sales team uses to help them sell more efficiently and generate more revenue, faster 👇

1. The Prospecting Play

When it comes to actually getting potential buyers to engage with prospecting emails, this play is the key to our team’s success — because not only does it put a face to the sender’s name, but it also contextualizes how our products will best work for the buyer’s business. It can be used as a follow-up for both inbound and outbound leads.

Outbound Leads

Say you reach out to a target account via a phone call, and they ask you to follow up in an email. You’ve finally got their attention, so now, you want to make sure that your follow-up continues the conversation even further.

That’s why, instead of simply sending them the information they asked for, you also include a video where you walk through the best use case of your product for their business.

For Drift’s SDR team, this often means putting a demo of Drift right on the company’s website, so they can actually see how Drift would look and work for their business. In doing so, the prospect can easily visualize what the SDR was explaining on the call. The best part is that they can then pass the video along to other stakeholders in the business, which only serves to expedite the sales cycle.

Here’s an example 👇

Inbound Leads

Now, say a prospect comes inbound to you through one of your solutions pages. In this case, you can leverage the prospect’s browsing behavior to deliver a video that sparks a conversation.

If you own a buyer intent tool such as Drift Prospector, you can see what page your prospect visited and follow up with a Drift Video that demos the product they were researching. This allows you to directly acknowledge what you know the prospect is interested in and answer any frequently asked questions upfront. Not to mention that Drift Video also includes a chat panel alongside it, so as the viewer watches, they can ask questions in real time and even book a meeting to discuss the solution further.

Here’s an example 👇

By getting these questions answered early, your first meeting will be that much more productive. In fact, Drift Video will also boost your chances of booking that first meeting. Drift customers have found that Drift Video is 10x more effective at booking meetings than standard email outreach.

2. The Follow-Up Play

You’ve finally held that first meeting with your prospect, and things went well! Now, it’s crucial that you don’t lose any steam.

We find the best way to keep the momentum going is by including a Drift Video in the post-meeting follow-up email to recap the highlights of the call and address the next steps.

Here’s an example 👇

There are a few reasons why this play works:

  1. It’s digestible. Not everyone wants to read a long written summary of a 30-minute Zoom call, and bullet points can leave out a lot of context. By including a video, you can stick to the highlights and revisit all the key points. A video also allows your prospects to listen to the summary while they work on other projects, which means your brand will stay top-of-mind without taking up too much of your prospects’ time.
  2. It’s shareable. It’s likely that your first call was with only one member of the company that your prospect works for. By providing a visual explanation of the products you discussed, your point-of-contact can share that video with other stakeholders within their company, so they can quickly be brought up to speed and come to the next meeting prepared.
  3. It’s a reusable resource. I’m the first to admit that, when I go into a second call with a vendor, half the time I start with, “I know you showed me this last time, but could you quickly review?” However, if you send a video in the follow-up email, your prospects can easily scrub through it to find the slides or demo they need. This allows prospects to refresh their memory ahead of the meeting and come ready to go with questions — making the time more productive for everyone.

3. The Post-Sales Play

We all know that the sales cycle doesn’t end once the deal is signed. It’s just where a new one begins.

Similar to the pre-sales cycle, in the post-sales cycle, it’s crucial that you maintain open and constant communication with your customers. With Drift Video, you can do so without constantly blocking off time for 30-minute meetings.

Here, one of our favorite use cases for Drift Video is answering support questions to address customer questions quickly and efficiently. Some of our customer success managers (CSMs) even maintain a database of Drift Videos for the most commonly asked questions so that, when one of those questions comes in, they can send the video link to the customer in a matter of seconds — no need for any extra back and forth.

You can also take this use case to the next level by using it as an avenue for expansion. For example, once you answer the customer’s question, you can use the rest of the video to discuss their current use case and how they could see even more value with another feature.

Here’s an example 👇

Final Thought

Today’s buying process requires sellers to explore new channels to reach their buyers, faster — otherwise their messages will get lost amidst the sea of martech outreach.

With a 27% send to conversion rate and a 24% lead to meeting rate, Drift Video has proven itself as a channel that can help sellers do exactly that. Because, with Drift Video, you can reach out to buyers and customers in a personalized manner and follow up with additional context that can easily be rewatched and shared, all while being respectful of everyone’s time. That’s why, we can say with confidence that, with Drift Video, you’re sure to deliver a buying experience that removes all your roadblocks to revenue.

Ready to explore the art of the possible with Drift Video? Try it for free today.