November Release Recap: 10 Things We Shipped This Month To Help You Book More Meetings

Drift product updates November 18

Over the past month, our product team has been hard at work building 10 major product updates that’ll help you book more meetings. A few highlights from November’s releases include Driftbot for Help, pre-built bot playbooks, optimized keyword suggestions powered by natural language processing, and a new integration with Here’s a deeper dive on […]
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The Most Crucial Leadership Principle Most B2B Brands Miss


In this episode of #Exceptions, a revelation about leadership and team happiness and retention in B2B. Indianapolis startup Lessonly teaches us about the communication principle most needed but often overlooked across the corporate world. It’s one that explains why customers send Lessonly unsolicited letters praising them, and why the company’s VP of Marketing spent a […]
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The Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to Drift – Everything You Need To Know About Conversational Marketing To Hit Your 2019 Goals

demand gen guide to Drift

A few months ago, I was in an Uber on my way home from Drift’s Q4 Confidential event in Boston when I got a WhatsApp voice message from Dave, our VP of Marketing. During the event Dave had spent two hours hosting a round table conversation with sales and marketing people interested in picking his […]
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The Power of Decision: Rich Roll on How to Unleash the Best Version of Yourself


Editor’s Note: The following transcript is from Rich Roll’s HYPERGROWTH 2018 presentation. It has been edited and condensed for clarity. Ready for HYPERGROWTH 2019? You can preorder tickets here. In his talk at HYPERGROWTH, Rich touched on: His epic transformation from alcoholic to unhappy, unhealthy corporate lawyer to vegan ultra-marathoner. Through all this transformation, Rich came […]
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Two Key Tips to Scaling 1:1 Customer Conversations in the Digital Age – A Conversation with Angel Investor Andy Payne

Andy Payne

You might think you need a crystal ball to predict the future, but sometimes you just need to look at what’s worked in the past. Andy Payne has some valuable experience. Throughout his career, he’s been “bleeding edge early” on many fronts, including his first post-college gig at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) where he helped […]
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How to Realign Your Enterprise Sales Team in the Age of Conversational Selling: A Conversation with Board Advisor & Sales Leader Chris Reisig

Chris Reisig

Let’s take a little trip down Sales Memory Lane. You’re a BDR or SDR cold calling prospects. Maybe you’re lucky enough to get one in 100 people to pick up the phone. But when they do, the prospect doesn’t even know why they’re being called. Then comes the heavy lift, especially for an inexperienced rep, […]
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Lessons From The High Volume Business – Scaling Hootsuite, Vidyard & Constant Contact with Steve Johnson

Marketing with Steve Johnson

 On this #Marketing edition of Seeking Wisdom, DG syncs up with legendary marketing operator, Steve Johnson. Together they discuss his time at Constant Contact, Hootsuite, Vidyard and more. You can get the #Marketing podcast on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Or listen to the full audio version below 👇 Like this episode? Be sure […]
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