4 Practical Tips On Setting Up Drift For Lead Generation


This post was designed for everyone that is looking to squeeze a little more lead generation out of Drift. As a conversational marketing lead, I’ve been using Drift for a year, doing all the setups and optimizations, I practically live in the tool. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to observe first-hand data generated […]
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3 Surefire Ways To Get More Views On Your Videos


You know the feeling. You post a fresh pic on Instagram that you spent a ton of time picking out, editing, and coming up with the perfect caption. And boom! The likes start rolling in and you probably look something like this 👇 A wave of euphoria hits while you’re scrolling through all of those […]
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Why You Don’t Need HTML For Your Marketing Emails


I don’t know about you, but every day I receive hundreds of emails. I just want to start by saying — this is not an “email is dead” post. In fact, email marketing is alive and well. As we saw in our State of Conversational Marketing, email isn’t just sticking around — it’s growing. It’s […]
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The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Your Landing Page Problems

One of my favorite marketing quotes is from Peep Laja of CXL. He wrote, “Other people’s A/B tests are other people’s solutions to other people’s problems. Your website has specific problems, not generic problems.” This has always framed how I approach conversion rate optimization (CRO), especially landing page optimization. Other people’s landing pages are other […]
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