AI Account Engagement Summaries & Streamlined Processes: What’s New from Drift This October

By Noah Kortkamp

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that Drift recently announced something big. Very big.

At the beginning of October, we set the stage for the future of Conversational Marketing with the introduction of three new products. (If you missed the announcement, you can watch the keynote on-demand here.)

But along with those three new products, we’ve also been hard at work making updates to our existing product suite. That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce seven new Drift features that will make your sales and marketing teams even more efficient — whether that’s with prospecting, playbook targeting, or managing a team of SDRs.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

More Efficient Prospecting with AI-Based Account Engagement Summary

In today’s data-heavy world, sales reps are constantly having to sift through information about their top accounts. This eats into the precious little time that sales reps have, especially when prospecting.

Our new AI Account Engagement Summary solves this by giving reps a concise summary of account activity that highlights key interactions from the past two weeks. This summary spotlights crucial contacts who visited your site, notable engagements, and positive buying signals. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless actions — this feature delivers a quick, hassle-free overview of your accounts, so you can make informed decisions with one glance.

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Empower Sales Managers with Better Insights into Rep Availability

When it comes to conversations, sales managers need to be able to hold their reps accountable in order to drive more pipeline.

That’s where our Team Performance: Availability report can help. With insights into rep availability on a daily or weekly basis, managers can easily track when reps are and aren’t available to take chats. Managers and admins can also see chat routing history, distinguishing between an on-time response (dark green lines) and a delayed response (dark red lines). This empowers managers to provide more detailed feedback to their reps and helps drive a better conversational experience.

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Save Time by Reusing Salesforce Account Lists in Playbook Targeting

Nobody likes doing the same work more than once — and nowhere is that more true than when building account lists. That’s why we’ve made it easier for Drift admins to reuse their Salesforce account lists in their playbook targeting.

Now, by directly syncing your Salesforce account lists with Drift, you can leverage your existing account lists seamlessly, which makes creating and updating audiences a breeze. Moreover, these lists update daily and undergo a full refresh every 30 days, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date. The result is that you will be able to build more targeted playbooks in less time and with a lot less manual effort.

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Focus on the Accounts That Matter with New Prospector Filters

Just like buyers with their crowded inboxes, your sales reps are often dealing with a lot of noise from less important accounts. So, we’re giving you the power to block out that noise and target the accounts that are most likely to buy.

With the addition of two new filters to the Prospector dashboard — “Existing Customers” and “Disqualified Accounts” — sales reps can now easily exclude irrelevant accounts from their prospecting lists. Plus, we’ve given admins the flexibility to customize what reps see in Prospector to further enhance the prospecting experience.

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New in Beta 🚀

Train Drift’s AI with Your Content

It’s no secret that AI gets better with more data — and we want to help you get the most out of Drift’s AI.

That’s why now, you can seamlessly ingest content from text files, PDFs, Word documents, and even entire website pages into Drift. By providing Drift’s AI with richer context, you’ll witness a significant boost in the quality of AI-generated responses, which ultimately means your sales and support teams can respond to customers more swiftly and accurately.

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Quickly Answer Complex Questions with AI Suggested Replies

With AI Suggested Replies now in beta, sales reps can immediately answer complex customer questions in chat — without having to leave the conversation.

Our AI suggested replies are generated from your indexed website data and any sales and marketing materials you choose to input. From there, the AI uses the context of the conversation and GPT to automatically suggest a reply that is accurate and relevant to the situation. Then, your sales reps can customize the response before sending it or dismissing it if it doesn’t meet their needs.

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That’s all for this month — check in next month for more exciting updates!

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