How I Hit My Annual Quota In 9 Months


I used to be haunted by the disembodied voice of Alec Baldwin echoing around the office: “Always. Be. Closing.” Talk to any sales rep and you know that the end of the quarter, or the end of the year, can be the most frantic time as everyone white-knuckles to the finish line of their quota. […]
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How Centage Uses Drift To Shorten The Sales Cycle & Deliver A More Customer-Centric Experience


Traditional demand gen has become a little antiquated. Despite major changes in customer expectations and the availability of new technologies and tools, the marketplace is still inundated with too many generic emails, tedious (and sometimes invasive) forms, and lots of ways for prospects to get lost in the process. Today’s B2B buyers are no longer […]
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We’re Giving You A Sneak Peek At The First-Ever Conversational Marketing Certification


So here’s the thing. We’re launching THE Conversational Marketing Certification in mid-November. But we couldn’t wait that long to share some of the details with you. The Conversational Marketing Certification will teach you: How to start more conversations with your potential buyers using the Conversational Framework How to implement Conversational Marketing across your entire marketing […]
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12 Conversational Email Templates That Will Help You Increase Your Conversion Rate (& Send Emails People Actually Want To Open)

Free conversational email templates

For years, marketers have been using email as a bullhorn. They’ve been blasting out impersonal ads and promotions to anyone who will listen and cluttering up inboxes in the process. But here’s the thing about email… You checked yours this morning, right? And we’re guessing you’re probably going to check it again later today. Meanwhile, […]
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These Are The 3 Trends That Will Transform Marketing In 2020

The Trends: Deliver a Superior Customer Experience Focus on Digital Transformation Go Beyond the Present with Future-Planning “It’s the most difficult to get right.” That’s the response Kevin Akeroyd, the CEO of Cision, gave in an interview when asked to describe the most difficult position to hire for in the C-Suite. The role? Chief Marketing […]
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The Who, What, Where, Why, and When of the CCPA


Businesses love acronyms. Lawyers love acronyms. In 2018, the acronym of the year was GDPR. As for 2019’s acronym of the year? That’s easy. The CCPA, otherwise known as the California Consumer Privacy Act. Okay, technically the CCPA was signed into law on June 28, 2018, but that means all the prep (and maybe a […]
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