Here’s How to 6x Your Chance of Booking a Meeting

Welcome to Data at Drift. We’re launching a brand-new series that uses our own product data to uncover the Conversational Sales, Conversational Marketing, and revenue acceleration trends that are moving the needle for our customers.

First up, how speed = results.

Drift’s data team analyzed hundreds of conversations to see how the speed of engaging a prospect impacted the number of meetings booked. And the results are surprising.

The chances of booking a meeting increase almost 6X if you reach out to an account within one hour of them landing on your website.

6x your chance of booking a meeting

And the inverse is true as well. The longer you wait to reach out to a website visitor, the lower your chances are of converting that visit into a meeting. If you wait more than one hour to reach out, you have just a 3% chance of booking a meeting. This goes down to 2.5% if you wait more than two hours and 1.4% if you wait more than 24 hours.

And all of this adds up to money left on the table.

But how do you enable your team to respond to site visitors in real-time?

Be Proactive

If this data has shown us anything, it’s that you have to take action quickly when a buyer expresses interest or intent to buy. Don’t wait for site visitors to reach out to you. Use Account Activity Notifications and alerts to let your sales team know when an account they own is on your website and give them an easy way to start conversations.


Know Who You’re Talking To

The average B2B buying decision involves 6.8 stakeholders and identifying them can help your team engage and speak with each of them in the right way. Equip your SDR team with the information they need to understand who is buying. At Drift, our SDR team uses Drift Activity Feed to understand the buyer, prioritize engagement, and quickly follow up with those who have expressed interest.


Leverage AI

Close to 33% of today’s sales activities can be automated, which means your team can get more time back in their day to do what they do best – sell. By using AI to replicate the efforts of your best SDRs, you can scale your team while still being available to your prospects 24/7/365. At Drift, our sales team uses Conversational AI to qualify site visitors and send only the most qualified leads to a human.


Roll Out the Red Carpet

Let’s face it: not all accounts are created equal. Your target accounts should receive the most personalized and high-touch buying experiences. Account-based marketing lets you create this experience while engaging with VIP buyers and connecting them to sales. By cutting through the noise, you can close more deals – faster.

6x your chance of booking a meeting

When it comes to booking meetings, there is literally no time to waste. Speed is essential to not just set up a meeting but to turn that meeting into revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Start booking meetings faster with Drift. Get a demo now.

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