Increase sales revenue & productivity (without increasing headcount)

I knew Drift was something to pay attention to – and more than just a chat tool – when my sales team said, 'this platform is awesome!' And then I saw the direct impact on our bottom line. We have reduced our average days to close by 29% and we've had over 100% increase in booking discovery meetings via Drift. That's phenomenal.”
— Andy Byron, CRO, Lacework

Connect With More Qualified Buyers, Faster.

Drift Sales Seat brings together all the tools reps need into one place. Reps can now identify intent signals and use those insights to focus their effort on the right accounts, identify the buying committee, and engage buyers through chat, email, and video.

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Generate More Pipeline

Allow site visitors to skip the form and engage with your sales team at their moment of highest intent – when they’re on your site, ready to buy. With Conversational Sales, you avoid the needless back and forth of scheduling. Instead, you convert more website visitors with relevant, personalized experiences – and easily qualify those visitors so they can continue the conversation with sales, whether that’s over chat, video, email, or the phone.

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Improve Sales Productivity

Deliver 24/7/365 engagement with direct access to book meetings any time of the day – even if it’s after hours – so you never miss out on a new business opportunity. Plus, Drift Virtual Selling Assistant replicates your best rep, learning and improving all the time, so you can scale your sales team without adding headcount.

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Engage Target Accounts

Empower your sales team with insights that reveal the buying committee so sales knows where to focus and when. Plus, real-time desktop and mobile notifications notify your team when a target account is on your site so they can reach out at the exact right moment.

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Our Customers love Conversational Sales

Conversational Sales is part of Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform, which helps our customers grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value, faster.

Learn How to Make Conversational Sales Work for You

Frameworks, best practices, and certifications to help you roll out and succeed with Conversational Sales.

The Conversational Sales Formula
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Conversational Sales Certification
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Drift Selling Secrets
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