Drift Virtual Selling Assistants

Use Artificial Intelligence to increase quality pipeline that closes faster.
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Drift’s Virtual Selling Assistants have helped ServiceNow quickly reach more customers globally, increasing overall sales pipeline by 10% without added headcount.”
— Kevin Haverty, Chief Revenue Officer at ServiceNow

Engage Your Buyers 24/7, Across The Globe

Your sales team can’t be everywhere all the time. But Virtual Selling Assistants can, they use AI to meet customers where they are, on the customers’ terms. And they do it at scale, in multiple languages, 24/7/365.

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Deliver the Leads You Want In Your Pipeline

Virtual Selling Assistants engage every potential website visitor through human-like conversation to identify which visitors are ready and qualified to meet with sales representatives. This means sales teams can focus less on repetitive tasks and more on relevant prospects, leading to higher closed-won opportunities.

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Deflect Customer Support Questions

Virtual Selling Assistants act as your very own concierge there to engage your customers and get them the answers they need – while protecting your sales team’s time. If the customer has an issue that requires human intervention, they can submit a ticket to the bot so it’s easy for support agents to quickly follow up.

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How are Virtual Selling Assistants Different?

Virtual Selling Assistants use patented AI, which is trained using the conversations your reps are having with your buyers every day.

So no matter when a question is asked or if the context changes, Virtual Selling Assistants provide a human-like response, on the right topic, while still being focused on qualification and conversion of visitors.

Our Customers love Virtual Selling Assistants

Virtual Selling Assistants deliver faster time to value and delight buyers with naturalistic conversations on their terms and timeline.See how for yourself.

Build more qualified pipeline and hit your number today.

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