How My SDR Team Uses Drift Prospector to Improve Efficiency and Accelerate Revenue

An SDR on my team can have an account list that is anywhere from 200 to 500 accounts. Maybe even more. Manually working through and prioritizing all of these accounts is not realistic or efficient. And, as an SDR, time is literally money 💸

I’m Julianne Thompson, Head of Sales Development at Drift, and I know this struggle all too well. But recently, my team started using something that’s made a big impact in a short amount of time. With Drift Prospector, my team is able to identify who they want to talk to and easily start conversations with them.

Drift Prospector helps my team be more productive by engaging the right people at the right time. Prospector automatically prioritizes target accounts, centralizes insight on behavior across the buying team, and gives direct access to follow up – all from a single interface.

Here are some ways my team and I leverage Prospector to close more deals and get results 👇

1. Prioritizing Target Accounts

Before Prospector, my team was spending time on blind outreach to accounts we assumed were our ideal customer profile. But, the results were mixed and the time spent on doing this wasn’t always productive. With Prospector, you can see exactly what accounts are engaging with you and even get a prioritized list to focus your outreach efforts on.

In this example, you can see a stack ranked list of your most engaged accounts. You get insight into both who is on your site and what content or pages they’re engaging with. You can also see how engaged each account is through an engagement score given on the right-hand side. If you were an SDR, you might consider prioritizing reach out to Acme and Digitos because they are the most engaged with you 🔥

2. Identifying Decision-Makers

After identifying your accounts, you need to figure out the contacts at each account to reach out to. More often than not, SDRs based their outreach efforts around titles. Maybe your team goes after “Director” or “Sales” in titles. And, often, the lack of visibility into who is on your site means that you have to rely on the types of titles you think might be interested in purchasing from your business.

With Prospector, you can see exactly who was on your site, and from what company, so you can get a full picture of your buying committee. The average B2B buying decision involves 6.8 stakeholders and identifying them can help your team engage and speak with each of them in the right way.

In this example, we clicked into Acme to see all the stakeholders who may have engaged with you so you can start identifying and building a buying committee.

3. Knowing What to Say

Once you have figured out the right accounts and people to talk to, the next step is to figure out the right thing to say. Gone are the days of generic emails and one-size-fits-all. These days, customers expect a personalized experience, and a sales email from your SDR team is no different.

With Prospector, you can review LinkedIn profiles or Salesforce history for a particular contact to see what topics interest them, what emails they’ve opened in the past, and what content they have consumed. You can use this information as a way to spur conversation and reach out to prospective customers – just like Tate does with this email.

4. Capitalizing on Buyer Intent

After you have figured out the who and the what, it’s all about the when. You have to take action quickly when a buyer has expressed interest or intent to buy. The chances of engaging someone and getting that meeting booked decrease significantly the longer you wait.

With Prospector, you can engage with a high-value contact in multiple ways. You can start a conversation on LinkedIn, you can email them directly, or you can drop them into and Outreach sequence. This is in addition to live chat and notifications your team is already leveraging with Drift.

In this example, an SDR can start a conversation with Zach Boyce via email, enroll them in an Outreach sequence or look them up on LinkedIn.

All of the information within Drift Prospector helps you accelerate the deal cycle by knowing who to engage and what to say. It lets your SDR team be more productive and spend their time on the activities that generate revenue for your business 📈

Want to accelerate your revenue by helping your sales team connect with more buyers faster? Get a demo of Drift Prospector today.