How Okta Removes Friction from the Buying Process and Accelerates Revenue with Drift

What do you think your sales team spends most of their time doing?

If you answered “selling,” you would, unfortunately, be wrong.

Sales teams spend an astounding 64% of their time on non-revenue generating tasks.

That means rather than focusing on what they do best – selling – they’re instead spending time logging activity, sending calendar invites, and deflecting support questions. This also means a lot of money is being left on the table.

But, luckily, more and more companies are recognizing this issue and finding ways to solve it.

One such company is Okta. To scale its sales team, Okta needed a solution that would help drive efficiency by pairing humans with AI to engage and qualify buyers – and get sales back to selling. That’s why they enlisted Drift’s solution, Conversational AI.

How Okta Is Using AI chatbots to Accelerate Revenue

Join us for a webinar on April 13 at 1 pm ET to learn how Okta is using Drift’s Conversational AI to:

  • Engage and qualify buyers 24/7/365
  • Build qualified pipeline and hit revenue numbers
  • Deflect 3,000+ support conversations every quarter

Since starting with Drift back in 2018, Okta has implemented Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales across its website, throughout its SDR organization, and across properties and teams around the world in multiple languages.

And, it has both sales and marketing team members leaning into revenue acceleration.

As Rodolfo Yiu, Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Acquisition and Conversion Optimization at Okta, says, “When I think about revenue acceleration, I definitely think Drift. It helps us deliver more value to our prospects and move them through the funnel more quickly and with less friction.”

Next week, Xabier Ormazabal, VP of Product Marketing at Drift, sits down with Jaime Mehl, Senior Director of Sales Development at Okta, to understand how Drift fits seamlessly into Okta’s sales organization and selling motion.

You’ll learn how Okta:

  • Structures and goals their SDR team
  • Defines a qualified lead – and what the customer’s journey looks like
  • Combined humans and AI to create an efficient and personalized buying experience

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