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Looking for an industry leader that will help you accelerate revenue across your entire customer lifecycle? You’ve found it. Learn more about why Drift is right for you.
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In 2016, we created Conversational Marketing to enhance digital buying experiences, so people could have a conversation with any business at any time, on their terms. The results were instant. We saw marketers create more leads and enhance their brands with better customer experiences, and we were voted the #1 Conversational Marketing platform by customers on G2.

But we didn’t stop there.

We noticed a new trend – conversations unified sales and marketing, and directly impacted not only leads but revenue. And not just revenue from new business, but revenue from the entire customer lifecycle.

We knew we had to create a single platform for your entire go-to-market team, one that would allow you to communicate with customers in real time to get to revenue faster. So we did, creating a new category yet again. It’s called Revenue Acceleration.

If you’re looking for an industry leader that will help you accelerate revenue across your entire customer lifecycle, you’ve found it.

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Drift beat the competition in every category on G2

Return on Investment (ROI) • Overall Satisfaction • Quality of Support • Ease of Use • Ease of Doing Business With • Ease of Set-Up

7 Reasons Drift Helps You Drive More Revenue

Reason #1

Drift brings your go-to-market teams together into a single platform.

As the world’s leading Revenue Acceleration Platform, we’re able to unify all your go-to-market teams around a single focus – the customer. We bring together the data that’s siloed in your teams’ respective tech stacks and make it insightful and actionable, giving your teams a single platform to engage with prospects and customers. The result? It’s easy to engage customers in a personalized and relevant way, in real time, to deliver a great customer experience while accelerating revenue.

Reason #2

Drift has the most advanced personalization and targeting.

With Drift Intel & Drift Audiences, and our two-way integrations to all your favorite marketing and sales tools, we automatically identify your website visitors and personalize their experience based on who they are, their behavior on your site, and how they’ve already engaged with your team. That means you can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person, (whether they’re a prospect or a customer), and give sales the context they need to move the conversation forward.

Reason #3

Drift helps sales teams drive more revenue and increase their productivity.

As the leading Revenue Acceleration Platform, Drift’s impact goes beyond marketing – it helps sales teams be more effective, too. Drift helps your sales team accelerate revenue by automatically prioritizing their target accounts, centralizing insight on behavior across the buying committee, giving them direct access to follow up, and notifying them when a target account is on the site. And all that leads to more revenue, shorter sales cycles, and higher sales productivity.

Reason #4

Drift’s industry-leading AI helps you grow revenue without growing headcount.

Drift Automation engages every customer on your site in seconds, at any time, day or night. Using conversational AI, Drift answers your website visitors’ questions accurately, gets answers to your qualifying questions, points buyers to relevant content, and even steers them gently toward the outcomes you want – whether that’s reading a piece of content, attending a webinar, speaking to your support team, or scheduling a sales meeting. It’s like cloning your best SDRs.

Reason #5

Drift’s deep two-way integrations increase ROI across your entire stack.

Not only are your Drift interactions personalized by the data in your marketing and sales tech stack, but your Drift interactions can inform the rest of your marketing and sales outreach. Easily use information about how someone has interacted with Drift to tailor the rest of your marketing campaigns, like your email nurture tracks, so your future conversations with prospects can be even smarter and more tailored (and therefore higher converting).

Reason #6

Drift’s Conversational Suite helps you engage customers more effectively across multiple channels.

With Drift Email, even your email campaigns can have 24/7 engagement in real time. Email Bots run on Drift’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, starting and managing conversations with thousands of contacts at a time. It can nurture leads, qualify them, and then pass them along to sales – so no response goes to an empty inbox.

And with Drift Video, it’s easy for your sales team to send engaging, personalized videos during the sales process. Recipients can even chat with their rep at the same time they’re watching, so every video is a chance to start a conversation.

Reason #7

We bring practices and insights from 50,000 customers to your strategic partnership.

Drift’s Expert Services empowers your team with the expertise and best practices you need to supercharge and optimize your Drift experience to see better results, faster. Plus, our living data set of more than 6 billion Drift interactions, behaviors, and outcomes gives us access to the patterns of what works best to achieve each of our customer’s goals.

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The Top Reasons Why Companies Use Drift vs...


Unlike Intercom, which helps businesses deflect conversations, Drift is built to drive more conversations – with the right buyers at the right time – so you can generate more pipeline, reduce sales cycles, and accelerate revenue.

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Salesforce offers two support-focused chat products that aren’t designed to drive revenue. Meanwhile, Drift’s platform unites marketing and sales with a single platform to help you drive more revenue, faster – with deeper personalization and better ease of use, to boot.


Where Qualified struggles to scale with your business, Drift excels, having helped more than 50,000 customers of all sizes accelerate their revenue. Our dedicated Expert Services team leverages best practices, expertise, and insights from that rich data set to help you build and optimize a customer experience that’s tailored to your business.


Unlike HubSpot, which offers a platform that only integrates deeply with their own products, Drift has best-in-class integrations with all the platforms your marketing and sales teams use – so it’s easy to offer personalized, targeted customer engagement using the data from your entire tech stack.

Still Not A Believer? Here’s What Holds Most People Back From Using Drift.

“Pricing. We’re not sure we can justify the cost here.”

Drift beat the competition across the board on G2 when customers were asked about the ROI. If that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve seen companies literally generate millions in pipeline in as little as 30 to 60 days. Here are a few customer stories to flip through. With Drift, it’s not a question of “if” we’ll generate revenue for you – it’s “how much.”

“We’re waiting to re-design our website.”

Drift gives you a direct line to the people that are on your website right now. And conversations with those people can help inform what you should build out with your new site – and what content people will need to be successful. Having Drift on your website while you’re going through a re-design can help show you exactly what people want (firsthand in their own words). And by the way: a website redesign shouldn’t mean a loss in sales leads and revenue. Drift can help you generate both while you wait to ship the new design.

“Timing. This isn’t a priority right now.”

Why wait to generate more leads and revenue? Drift can help your business almost instantly (and you can use Drift with any of your current activities that drive people to your website). We’ve seen customers see results within days of going live with Drift. And it doesn’t have to take a bunch of heavy lifting to get Drift up and running the right way. We’ve helped more than 50,000 businesses across every industry drive more revenue, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

“We’ve tried live chat and it doesn’t work for us. Isn’t this just live chat?”

Live chat didn’t work for us either. And that’s exactly why we built Drift. With Drift, you’ll have a chatbot that can work 24/7/365 even while your sales team is sleeping. You’ll also be able to filter out the noise from any conversation you don’t want to have to make sure your sales team is only talking to the right people. Live chat led to noise and forced you to dig through a bunch of bad conversations to find a few good ones. Drift leads to more conversations with your dream customers.

“We're using one of your competitors.”

One of the top reasons people don’t buy Drift is competition, and we get that. There are a bunch of great companies in this space for sure. But there’s also a lot of noise. And while there are great products and services in there, there’s only one company that is #1 according to customer reviews and responses on G2.

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We’ve helped 5,000+ companies accelerate their revenue.

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