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Drift delivers human-centric experiences tailored to your customers — the right conversation at the right time, in the right place.

Don't stop at pre-sales. Deliver value throughout the entire customer journey.

Bringing your GTM teams together

Drift Conversation Cloud

Drift helps businesses personalize experiences at each step of the customer lifecycle that leads to more quality pipeline, revenue, and lifelong customers.
Drift Conversation Cloud

Drift is making a significant impact on our sales cycle, making them go faster! With Conversational Sales, we can attribute more than 4.5X faster from initial engagement to closed-won.

Melissa Raber

Senior Director, Revenue Operations/Sales Development at Workiva



Customer (not company) Driven: This is an approach. We make it possible for customers to interact with businesses like they do with everyone else. Personal. In real time. At the time, place, and channel of the customer’s choice.


We Built the Conversational Category: We wrote the book, and we have the data, the best practices, and the team to help you succeed. And the results to prove it: We have generated $22.5B+ in pipeline and $3.2B in revenue for our customers. Oh, and on average our customers achieve a 670% ROI in just three years.


Actionable Intelligence: Real-time context around the clock. An all-in-one view, without lifting a finger. Nurture activity. Buying signals. Open tickets. Drift gives you a 360-degree view of what matters most to those that matter most to you, so you can engage at the right time, in the right place, and with the right conversation, every time.


The Most Flexible: Customize Drift to meet your unique business needs across your go-to-market teams. Share customer data across your tech stack with our API and integrations, connect buyers with the right person in real time, and choose the right mix of hands-on and self-service support to meet your needs.


Full Customer Lifecycle: Customer journeys aren’t linear. Drift is built to scale with you as you grow, supporting your entire customer lifecycle from researching, to buying, to getting help. We leave the door open, and never ask customers to repeat themselves.

670% ROI

The results are in – companies that use Drift can see up to a 670% ROI. Want to be next?


Human-to-human conversations have the biggest impact on pipeline and revenue — the data proves it. Conversations involving a human are 5x more likely to convert. Conversations are the one thing Drift and our competitors agree on.

But 50% of conversations that convert happen after business hours. When your team isn’t working. And buyers still expect the same human-like conversations they get during the day. Again, the data proves it. Free-text generates 40% more conversations than button-only chats.

But where we differ is how and when these conversations happen.

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Let visitors voice their intent with open text questions, 24/7, by leveraging Drift Conversational AI. Why? Because open text drives 40% more conversations than button only. And with 50% of high intent buyer engaging after hours, you need to deliver human-like experiences 24/7, so you never miss an opportunity to convert.

With Drift, you can achieve:

  • 30% average increase in sales velocity
  • 50% average increase in sales rep efficiency
  • 20% average increase in win rate

Personalize, Don't Pounce

Newsflash, when someone starts a conversation with your bot or visits your site, it’s often not to talk to sales.

of decision-makers want a seller-free experience
of buyers do their own research before engaging with sales
of buyers’ time in their entire purchase process goes to sales reps

Meeting customers on their terms

First time visitor

Serve up relevant content, like a blog post, ebook, recent webinar, based on what they are interested in.

3X return visitor

Notify your assigned rep asap to start a conversation of the open opportunity.

Existing customer

Let Drift’s bot answer their questions, surface knowledge base articles, create a support ticket, and/or route in a service agent.

The proof is in the pipeline. And the revenue.

Drift generated over $8B in pipeline and $1B in revenue for our customers in 2021.

Drift’s technical integrations are leaps and bounds above other tools we’ve used. They do exactly what we need them to do. And they can handle all the nuances of our business, which is especially important on the international side.

Rahman "RZ" Zofaghari

Director, Digital Marketing, Proofpoint

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