Drift vs. Qualified

If you’re looking for industry-leading AI, higher sales efficiency, and full tech stack support, choose Drift, NOT Qualified.


Let buyers talk in their own words. Free-form, human-like conversations via AI lead to a 30% increase in pipeline with 30% less work for customer’s chat teams. Drift’s patented AI is pre-trained to recognize 60+ of the most common B2B topics, for immediate time to value. If Conversational AI is important to the future of your marketing program, Drift doesn't have competition. Keep an eye out for big enhancements coming soon.

  • AI-Powered Chatbots for human-like conversations, 24/7
  • AI engagement scoring
  • Drift x GPT
  • Enterprise-grade and secure
Higher Sales Efficiency

Work smarter (not harder) with Drift AI, live chat, and personalization and here’s some numbers to prove it. Drift customers have seen a 50% increase in sales efficiency and a 75-100% increase in conversations converted to Marketing Qualified Leads.

Coverage Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Unlike Drift, Qualified can't deliver personalized experiences at scale throughout the customer journey.

  • Drift Conversational Marketing quickly qualifies, nurtures, and converts customers through your marketing funnel.
  • Drift Conversational Sales allows sales teams to personally greet accounts with their assigned rep in real-time, and use omnichannel communication to win more deals, faster.
  • Drift Conversational Service empowers customers to get questions answered via self-service and through live chatting with a support agent.

Full Tech Stack Support

Qualified lacks deep integrations with the rest of your sales and marketing stack. Leverage our 50+ integrations or connect via our open API to accelerate deal cycles and work more efficiently with context from across your full tech stack.

Automatically Clean and Enrich Contact Records with Drift Email

  • Drift Email filters prospect replies and immediately routes them to the right sales rep.
  • Customize inboxes, create personalized email addresses, and send one-to-one or one-to-many emails to targeted accounts.
  • Analyze each email to identify additional sales opportunities. Surface new decision makers from out-of-office messages, find replacements when people change jobs, and automatically update your MAP with new contacts.

Drift has contributed to our digital success in multiple ways. It’s helping us hit our pipeline goals, increase site engagement, engage visitors longer, and also align our sales and marketing teams.

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Experience, SAP Concur


The math on AI bots is hard to ignore. 50% of website chat occurs on nights and weekends. Qualified can give you buttons during those off-hours, but free text drives 40% more conversations, not to mention being much easier to maintain and more enjoyable for your customers. So the question is, how do you want to capitalize on these 50% of off-hours conversations?

of conversations happen after hours
of decision-makers want a seller-free experience
of buyers do their own research before engaging with sales


Drift brand assets

Qualify, nurture, and convert customers through your marketing funnel in record time with Drift Conversational Marketing.

Drift brand assets

Greet accounts with personalized messages from their assigned rep in real-time, and use omni-channel communication to win more deals, faster with Drift Conversational Sales.


Answer customer questions via self-service and through live chatting with a support agent, not your sales team, with Drift Conversational Service.

The proof is in the pipeline. And the revenue

Drift generated over $11B in pipeline and $3B in revenue for our customers in 2023.

We've helped over 5,000+ businesses succeed

See how 5,000+ companies use Drift to create pipeline and revenue.

When it comes to Qualified alternatives, Drift is #1

And we’d love to show you even more about why.