Why We Built This

Welcome to Really Good Chatbots! Here, you’ll find chatbot examples from Drift customers that are, well, really good.

But why did we build this?

We’re obsessed with chatbots. And we wanted to help others building chatbots find inspiration. On this site you’ll find real-world examples from your peers and learn how they use chatbots to accelerate revenue.

If you’re wondering about our criteria for “really good” – all of these examples on the site utilize our Conversational Framework — Engage, Understand, Recommend.

Want to get involved? We welcome submissions of any chatbot. Our only criteria is that it has to be really good.

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Engage Website Visitors

We recommend starting your chatbot journey here. In stage one, marketing and SDR teams use chatbots and live chat to engage visitors and book meetings.

Gong: Engage All
Brandwatch: Contact Us
PTC: Pricing Page

Target Potential Buyers

After building 3-5 stage one bots, you’re ready to start building out your stage two strategy. In stage two, marketing and sales leaders align to better target buyers by using personalized messaging to increase engagement and qualified pipeline.

Lessonly: Paid Ad Converter
Wake Forest University: Conversational Content
Connectwise: Personalized Retargeting

Accelerate Deal Cycles

If you have both stage one and stage two examples live on your site, you’re ready to move into stage three. In stage three, marketing and sales leaders create a pipeline acceleration strategy using chatbots that personalize every step of the buying journey to shorten sales cycles and close more revenue.

Zenefits: Website Concierge (AI)
Drift: Solution Bot (AI)
Okta: Return Visitor (AI)


Take Drift’s bot for a test drive without installing any code on your website (seriously).

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