15 Conversational Marketing Examples You Can Steal & Use On Your Website Right Now

I was lucky enough to speak to a room of 1,500+ marketers this February at Traffic & Conversion Summit. Last year I was there to listen, so I was pretty pumped to present. And I tried my best to bring the goods. The topic? How to use Conversational Marketing to give your business an unfair advantage.

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Here’s a sneak peek:

1. The Second Net

Not quite ready to go all in with Conversational Marketing and ditch every form on your site? No worries. The Second Net is the easiest way to get Drift going and see immediate results without totally revamping your marketing strategy.

The Second Net allows site visitors to interact with you how they choose. If they want to fill out a static form – go for it. But if they’d rather chat with a bot and book a demo immediately, the Second Net lets them do just that. Literally everyone wins.

Second Net

Get started with the Second Net:

  • It’s the EASIEST place to start / dip your toe into Conversational Marketing
  • You do not need to REPLACE your forms
  • Find high intent places on your website where this would make sense
    • Request A Demo
    • Contact Us
    • Services Inquiry
  • Unlike a form, this second net can be PROACTIVE – go get people!
  • Ask fewer questions if the page is HIGH INTENT – let them skip the line

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2. The Tour Guide

Looking for a new way to treat your top of funnel traffic? The Tour Guide is a great way to start. Why? Because no one wants to be marketed to. No one wants to be sold to. But most people do want HELP.

This bot lets site visitors learn a little bit more about you without being sold a book or demo or being hounded to give you their email. Instead, you can direct visitors to places on your site where they can learn more about your product or service and ultimately learn how you can help them.

Tour Guide

Get started with the Tour Guide:

  • Not everyone knows what they want, so figure out how can you help
  • The Tour Guide = a 24/7/365 assistant
  • Your goal is to start conversations, just like you would in-person
  • Hook them with great copywriting
  • Goal = No Dead Ends. See if you can make an ENDLESS FUNNEL
  • Tailor it: offer up content specific to the path a specific visitor goes down

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3. Pricing Page Concierge

For most companies, this is the highest intent page on their website. (But it’s also the most CONFUSING & highest FRICTION.) Which means it’s the perfect place for a bot. First, people on your pricing page are much closer to converting than say someone on your homepage or jobs page. Second, you need to give these high intent visitors a direct line to your team so they can get the info they need to make a purchase…quickly.

Pricing Page

Get started with a Pricing bot:

  • The name is exactly how you should use it
  • A concierge goes and finds the right answers
  • Be helpful, but skip the small talk. Talk about PRICING. Be SPECIFIC.
  • Use the bot to push people to someone on your team if pricing is not easy to explain over chat
  • You can also use this for in-app upgrades (great for free trial or freemium users)

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4. The Demo Bot

Ready to book more demos? The Demo Bot is a great way to engage with another type of very high intent visitor. Let them book a demo with your team and, to do it effectively, be sure your bot only includes questions absolutely necessary to qualify the lead. Doing so will keep them engaged and happy while they frictionlessly book a demo with your team – no humans required.

Demo Bot

Get started with a Demo bot:

  • The goal here should be to remove friction. Demo = high intent
  • Because it’s high intent, stick to the critical questions (you can ask more later)
  • Pro Tip: With the right data enrichment, you can ask very FEW questions here
  • If someone does not want a demo, don’t just say “OK BYE”. Try this:
    • You might like our blog…
    • You might like our podcast…
    • Want to join our email list?
    • When would you be ready?
  • Remember: Work to create an ENDLESS FUNNEL

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5. The Email List Supercharger

Looking for a way to proactively engage with visitors to your blog? A bot is much more likely to convert than a static form. Just be sure to personalize the experience and give would-be blog subscribers a sneak peek of what’s to come once they do sign up.

Email List Supercharger

Get started with the Email List Supercharger:

  • Be HELPFUL. Copy should be about how your content can help your visitors
  • ? Give them a reason to subscribe.
  • It’s a great way to grow your list because it can be CONTEXTUAL
    • Like this post? You might also like this one…”
    • Looking for more content about [BLANK], follow me over here
  • And it feels CONVERSATIONAL and personal vs. a form / pop-up box
  • Time it right – maybe you don’t need to show this on someone’s first visit
  • This can be proactive OR based on an action (button click; use it as a CTA)

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