Introducing Conversational Content: Convert Readers into Buyers. Plus 3 Ways to Try it Today.

According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to attract business to their website

But the average website conversion rate with forms is just 2%.

In other words, most marketing teams are investing tons of time and money into content marketing but fail to convert 98% of the people who show up to read it.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple, cure-all solution.

Gating all your content no longer works because you’re only converting a very small percentage. But neither does ungating everything because then you can’t capture leads.

To you it probably doesn’t matter if your website has a million forms or zero forms, what you really care about is quality conversations for your sales team with the right buyers.

That’s what matters after all: connecting the right buyer with your sellers.

And exactly that’s why we’re introducing Conversational Content today.

Conversational Content helps you start conversations with your ideal buyers while they’re – you guessed it – reading your content.

Instead of gating your content with a form, with Conversational Content you can attach a PDF to your Conversational Landing Page and engage visitors while they’re reading.

If you think about it: this approach makes way more sense for both you and your buyers.

When your readers are searching for some answer and end up on your website, giving them a PDF to download actually creates a dead end.

You can’t start a conversation with someone now who’s reading a PDF on their desktop.

But imagine if you could? That’s why we built Conversational Content.

Sigstr Conversational Content

☝ Check out what Sigstr has been able to achieve with Conversational Content over the last few months:

“Being able to start conversations with our buyers while they read our content sounds so simple. That’s marketing’s job right? But the truth is we haven’t had an effective way to do this before.

We’re using Conversational Content to convert target accounts we’ve advertised to and driven to our website. About 25% of the people who end up on our Conversational Content pages are converting into conversations. We’re really excited about that.”

– Justin Keller, VP of Marketing, Sigstr

Converting ABM targets from an advertisement like Sigstr is a great example of how marketers are already using Conversational Content to start more conversations, but it’s not the only way we’ve seen our early adopters use it.

In fact, we put together three other ways you can start using Conversational Content today.

1) Give your ABM targets a VIP experience (and let them skip the line) while they’re reading your blog.

Give your ABM targets a VIP experience with Drift Conversational Content

Your dream customers should get the VIP treatment on your website – whether they’re already engaged with your team or not.

For VIPs who might not be ready to book a meeting with your sales team, but who are enjoying your blog, Conversational Content gives you the perfect way to start a conversation:

  • Send them a bot message on your blog post offering a relevant piece of content (but something long form like a PDF case study)
  • If they want that content, give them a link to your Conversational Content landing page. That page will have the PDF content on it and a new bot to further engage them.
  • For the bot on the Conversational Content page, ask the prospect if this content identifies with one of their pain points. From there, you can follow up with more questions and then an offer. You might want to offer a meeting or a chat with sales, but you might also want to offer a blog subscription or something more top of funnel.

This approach is light touch. We don’t recommend only pushing a meeting with your sales team. Give you readers options, so it’s easy for them to convert.

Here’s an example of how Sigstr engaged with their ABM targets on one of their Conversational Content pages:

Sigstr ABM targeting with Drift conversational content

We built a blueprint so you can try this for yourself. Check it out here.

2) Nurture qualified leads with content that drives conversations instead of ending them.

Nurture qualified content with Drift Conversational Content

Nurturing campaigns are meant to keep a warm lead engaged with your business. But most campaigns just push content at your buyers instead of trying to use content to start conversations.

So instead of linking to a landing page with a form for your qualified leads to fill out again, use Conversational Content pages to share helpful content and offer a conversation.

We built a blueprint for you on this play too, check it out here.

3) Swap PDF attachments in follow up emails with Conversational Content links to close opportunities faster.

Swap PDF attachments with Drift Conversational Content

When your sales reps send PDF attachments in follow up emails, there‘s no way for the recipient to engage in real-time while they’re actually reading the PDF.

Sure, they can email you back, but email is slow. If you want to close opportunities faster, Conversational Content allows you to engage them in real-time.

Plus, as a marketer when your reps send PDFs you never really know how the content you produced is working. Are you helping close deals? You just don’t know.

With this play, use Conversational Content links so your reps get notified when someone engages with your content. Plus you get all the engagement reporting in your Drift Playbook.

We built a blueprint for you on this play too, check it out here.

Want to get started with Conversational Content today? Here’s a blueprint for the three plays explained above.