These 40 Bot Hooks Will Improve Your Conversion Rates and Help You Start More Conversations

There are two ways I could start this post.

One is generic and tells you what you can expect to encounter. Maybe it includes a list of points I’m going to make.

The other one is designed around *you* and addresses your pain points and offers you the information you’re looking for.

Which one are you more likely to respond to?

An opening that is engaging, personalized, and relevant leads to more conversations. And that’s true whether it’s coming from a human or a bot.

A great bot hook can make or break a conversation. And a missed conversation can mean missed revenue.

But, don’t worry. We won’t let that happen to you.

We worked with Conversational Marketing Specialists here at Drift to create a Book of Hooks you can leverage to build bots that get results.

Check out some examples below or access the full Book of Hooks here.

Catchall Playbooks

Use these hooks for bots you’re adding to your homepage or other high-level website pages. Since they tend to target a broader audience, you want to keep your question open-ended without asking too much of your visitors. Try something like:

  1. Hey there ? Want to know something cool?
  2. Hey there ? Can I ask you a quick question?
  3. Hey there ? Want to know something interesting?

Find more examples here.

Retargeting Playbooks

Not every visitor is going to convert on the first visit to your website. So when repeat visitors make their way back to your website, give them a greeting designed specifically for them. Because these are the people coming back for more – and you should acknowledge their interest. Try one of these hooks to talk them:

  1. Hey there ? Welcome back! Are you ready to get started with [solution name]?
  2. Hey there ? Welcome back! Would you like to speak to a human right now?
  3. Looks like things are getting serious…want to speak to a human right now?

Find more examples here.

Second Net Bot (Skip the Form)

Want to help visitors skip the form and start talking to your team instead? Use this bot on your “contact us” or other form pages to improve conversions and have more conversations. Give your visitors a faster alternative to a form with one of these friction-removing hooks:

  1. Hey there ? Want to skip the form and speak to a human right now?
  2. Hey there ? Want to skip the form and book a meeting right now?
  3. Any questions or requests I can help you with? I can grab a human right now!

Find more examples here.

Pricing Playbook

No purchasing decision is ever made without reviewing pricing options (and maybe some negotiation). Bots on pricing pages let you talk to those visitors who are expressing a high-intent to purchase. Whether your pricing is straightforward or custom, use one of these hooks to grab your visitor’s attention and direct them to the right resources:

  1. Hey there ? Have any questions about our plans or pricing?
  2. We have custom prices for companies like [ or {your business}]. Interested in learning more?
  3. Pricing can be confusing… want to chat through this with a teammate?

Find more examples here.

Solutions Pages

Your solutions page is a huge opportunity because it’s where a prospective buyer is going to learn more about the problems you can solve for them. It’s safe to say you’ve probably spent some time putting these solutions into context for your visitors in your website copy, but don’t forget to include that context in your bot, too. Use one of these hooks to show a prospective customer how your solution can solve their problems:

  1. Hey there ? Want to learn more about our solutions?
  2. Looks like you’re interested in [solution name], that’s great! Want to chat now?
  3. Hey there ? Want to make your life easier with [solution name]? Let’s talk with a human right now!

Find more examples here.

Ready to level up your use of conversational marketing to start more engaging conversations NOW? Get the full Book of Hooks here.