Here’s How Our Marketing, Sales, Customer, & Ops Teams Use Drift (& How You Can Too)

What is Revenue Acceleration and how can it help my team?

How can my company make the most of our Drift platform now?

How does Drift use Drift?

Our buyers and customers ask us these questions every day. And we love answering them ❤️

So much so that we decided to write a book to help answer all the above – and more.

Over the last few months, our marketing, sales, customer experience, and operations teams put our heads together to bring you The Go-to-Market Guide to Drift.

In this guide, we answer all your pressing questions, like how can you use a Revenue Acceleration Platform to grow your bottom line. Plus, we created a companion Drift Insider course alongside the book to make the learning process that much easier.

But before you jump in, let’s answer a few initial questions upfront. Here’s why now is the time to transform your business with Revenue Acceleration:

Why B2B Businesses Need to Change

Marketing and sales have changed in the past few decades. And this evolution can be divided into three eras: the Brand Era, Demand Gen Era, and, now, the Revenue Era.

go-to-market strategy & revenue acceleration

In the Revenue Era, buyers are in control. They are looking for a personalized customer experience and real-time engagement. Buyers are used to the seamless, personalized experiences offered by B2C companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber and expect the same from their B2B experiences too.

To be successful, your revenue teams can no longer be siloed. They need to work together to deliver exceptional digital experiences across the entire customer lifecycle – from acquisition to renewals to expansions. And that’s where Revenue Acceleration comes in.

What is Revenue Acceleration?

Technology has made it possible to connect businesses and buyers 24/7.

Buyers are no longer willing to wait days to speak to you. And companies can’t afford to delay valuable conversations with buyers due to complicated lead-processing. To adapt, revenue teams – like marketing, sales, and customer experience – must work together and double down on real-time engagement.

Revenue Acceleration is all about providing value to buyers and businesses faster than ever before.

Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform brings together Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to create personalized, engaging experiences for buyers and customers. Drift does this by connecting buyers and sellers instantly across digital channels (like chat, email, video, and phone) and driving value throughout the customer lifecycle.

revenue acceleration powers go to market strategy frameworks

We also help make conversations happen and let you scale them via our patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

How to Implement Revenue Acceleration to Grow Your Business

We want to help you become a revenue accelerator.

Whether you’re evaluating if Drift is right for you or you want to get more out of your Drift platform, The Go-to Market Guide to Drift has something for you. In this ultimate guide to Drift, you’ll discover how to bring your go-to-market teams together with Drift to deliver personalized customer experiences.

By the end of this book, you’ll learn: 

  • Customer stories, best practices, examples, and – best of all – advice from Drifters on how they use Drift
  • How marketing teams use Drift to start conversations and engage target accounts
  • How sales teams use Drift to book meetings and accelerate revenue
  • How customer and account management teams use Drift to grow existing accounts and provide a seamless customer experience
  • How operations teams measure and report on Conversational Sales and Conversational Marketing

Ready to learn how Drift can help your entire go-to-market team accelerate revenue? Get the guide today.