A Roadmap to the Revenue Era

A Marketing and Sales Leader’s Guide to Unifying Revenue Teams & Driving Value in a Digital-First World
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2020 changed everything in B2B.

Companies fit a decades-worth of digital transformation into a single year. Digital marketing and virtual sales are the new precedents. And buyers need answers now.

Today’s companies need to deliver a streamlined experience that meets buyers on their terms and drives lasting value. To do that, B2B marketing and sales leaders must unify their teams. 

The new era of B2B marketing and sales is here. But before we can talk about this new era, we need to understand our past – and how it got us here.

We Are Now Living in the Revenue Era

In the Revenue Era, digital is no longer just a channel. It’s your entire brand experience. Marketing and sales are no longer ruled by different goals. They’re rallied around revenue and the customer experience.

But how did we get here?

To understand that journey, you have to go back. Way back.

Marketing and sales over the last few decades have been defined by three eras, 
each shaped by the technology, trends, and people of their time:

Brand Era
Pre-Internet | Mass Media | PR

Marketers create “buzz” through PR and print advertising. Billboards, magazine ads, and TV commercials are part of our culture – but tracking their impact on revenue proves elusive.

Demand Gen Era
Internet | Cloud | CRM

The technology boom is here. Businesses and buyers are moving online. Digital advertising platforms, marketing technology, CRMs, and cloud applications let businesses track their marketing spend to lead output. Success is measured by leads, sparking the age-old feud between marketing and sales.

Revenue Era
Digital | AI | Automation

Digital transformation is happening overnight. AI and automation are more accessible than ever before. Real-time marketing and sales are essential. The best customer experience is a unified one. And go-to-market teams are aligned around revenue. Say hello to the new gold standard.

The New Rules for the New Era

Buyers are in control.

They conduct their own research, consult their own experts, and always look before they leap. They expect answers now, not next week. And they have more options than ever before.

The best customer experience wins.

To deliver exceptional experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, your go-to-market teams need to work in harmony. And we all must move from a product-centric to a buyer-centric paradigm.

Digital and real-time are essential.

95% of businesses reported that the pandemic sped up their digital transformation by more than six years. The impact on marketing and sales has been swift. Buyers and sellers now prefer digital engagement – and they say there’s no going back.

Marketing and sales rally around revenue and customers.

Your revenue teams are no longer ruled by different goals. Now, they must align themselves around revenue to create a unified customer experience.

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